The Aeroplane Spotter, April 9th 1942

THE AEROPLANE SP ONE R 90 APRIL 91942 <!•^f!ro .?•.:J K 2 B f S f c f c J f e SOLS ^rf M l/I TW O-M TOO R SING LE-S E A T FIGHTER.— The Westland Whirlwind, which first flew early in 1939. Its armament is Jour cannon and its top speed on a total of 1,770 h.p. is quoted as just over 350 m.p.h. LESSER KNOWN TYPES-XXXVI THE WESTLAND WHIRLWIND I THE WESTLAND WHIRLWIND I two-motor single-seat fighter first flew in 1939, but details were not permitted to be published in Great Britain until February 1942, after a German recognition book had revealed the enemy's know­ledge of the machine. The Whirlwind is powered with two 885 h.p. Rolls-Royce Peregrine motors which give it atop speed of 353 m.p.h. at 16,350 ft.—according to the German reports. The armament is four 20 mm. British ilispano cannon in the nose, which give a weight of fire of 600 lb. per minute, which was for a time greater than that of any other infighter the World. The Whirlwind has been used for long-range escort fighter duties and for attacks on enemy shipping. In the air its out­standing point of recognition—apart from the two motors and the short nose—is the tailplane placed very high on the tall single fill. A spccios of Fowler ilaps are fitted. Main wheels and tail wheel all retract. An interesting feature is the radiator in the centre-section of the wing. The Whirlwind was designed to Air Ministry Specification F.'J7/.*»5 and is thus nearly seven years old in conception—nearly as old as the Hurricane and Spitfire. Points of R e cog nit ion .—Two-motor low-wing monoplane. Motors underslung and project farther forward than nose. Tail end of nacelles project short way behind wing. Rectangu­lar centre-section/ Tapered outer sections, fuselage. Raised transparent cockpit enclosure, fin and rudder. Tailplane set very high. Dim ens ion s.—Span, 45 ft. 0 in. length, 32 ft. 5 ins. height, 10 ft. 10 ins. Performance .—Max. speed (according to source), 353 m.p.h. at 16.350 ft. Cylindrical Tall single a German «•THE AEROPLANE "drawing.
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