The Aeroplane Spotter, April 9th 1942

THE A ORE PLANE SPOTTER 86 APRIL 9,1942 NEWS OF THE WEEK AEROPLANES OF THE RED AIR FLEET TheM IG -5 single-seat fighter. The 1-26 single-seat fighter. The IL-2 Stormovik dive bomber. The SU -2 fighter-bomber. The YAK A reconnaissance bomber. The PE-2 reconnaissance bomber. The SB-3 medium bomber. -*The S B-R K dive bomber. The DB-3 medium bomber. The D B -3f medium bomber» T v The G ST flying-boat. The K O R A catapult seaplane. ra(D wing by J. S.H troud, copy right ’’The A roe plane .”RUSSIA 'S NEWER T ES.—PY More facts have come to light recently of Russia*s newer aeroplanes in service. Twelve of the most used arc shown above. Alternative names Mare IG -3 (I-611 7-200,7-18^ SU -2 (B B -\)YAK -4 (B B -22) IL-2 (BScht Stormovik)• Aversion of the YAK A ,named the B B -100, is used for dive bombing. ,BRITISH AND PROUD OF IT RATHER MORE THAN 80 percent, of all the aeroplanes now in service in the Royal Air Force are of British design and construction. About 90 percent, of the units operating in Great Britain are armed with British aeroplanes, and even in the Middle East the percentage is at least 75 percent. British. At a time when published photographs might suggest that *there are more foreign types than British in the R.A.F. these ligures are of particular interest. As American produc­tion increases, so the percentage of American machines in service is likely to increase—especially in the Middle East. GLIDERS FOR THE ARMY THE FORMATION of an Army Air Corps was announced on Feb. 27. This Army Air Corps will be concerned with air-borne troops and is not the beginnings of an Army Air Arm. Glider pilots are being recruited from the Army and are being trained in co-operation with parachute troops and air-borne infantry. The recruiting of Army personnel for use as glider pilots is obviously sensible as they can then join their units in the fighting after each glider has landed. VICHY’S AIR FORCE GENERAL BEGERET, Vichy Secretary for Air, stated at the Aviation Exhibition at Vichy on April 4 that the Vichy Air Force had a total of about 1,000 modern aeroplanes. The chief types include the D-520, the Bloch 151 C-l, the MS-40BC, the Curtiss Hawk 75, the LeO 45, the Breguet 691P the Potez 63-11, and the Caudron Gdeland. THE SPOTTERS’ A.B.C.-XXV •ea+** fi. CURTISS YIP>36 * ¦loniirtfaw Al~^ CURTISS MOHAWK IV <35 r V j w * S S ’CURTIS: ^CURTISS HAWK 7 5 a#®$m: 1 CURTISS P-36 CURTISS YP-37 CURTISS XP-40 CURTISS P-4Q CURTISS XP *2 CURTISS fMO* ATOM HAWK CURTISS P-40f KITTYHAWK CURTISS a2 THE HAWK MON LOP A N TheES.— whole development of the Curtiss IIaw I( single-seat fighter monoplanes is shown in this week's photographs. The YIP-36 was the prototype from which the Hawk 75 and the P -36 were developed. The P -36 is the U.S. Army version, the 75a the French version, the Mohawk the British version. The YP-37 was the first Hawk to have an Allison motor, and from it came the experimental XP-40 with radiator far back. The P-40 was the production version for the U.S. Army and the P-40b the British Tomahawk. later developed into the P-40e, the Kittyhawk• Earlier. an experimental X P -42 with a Double ifrasp motor was built. The latest production version is the P-40f with a Rolls-Royce Packard Merlin motor. [300J
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