Memorial Register 30, Part XXII, The Tyne Cot Memorial, Soldiers from the United Kingdom Tolley-Watts

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES TOLL ,YE Pte. Harry Ernest, 387707. nth Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 20th Sept., 1917. Brother o f Mr. J. R.T olley, o f 244, Valiance Rd., Bethnal Green, London. TOLL ,YE G nr. Reginald, 144902. 210th Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery. 30th Nov., 1917. Age 30. Son o f William James and Elizabeth T olley, o f 29, Berkeley Rd., Bishopston, Bristol husband o f Winifred T olley, o f 22, Surrey Rd., St. Andrew’s Park, Bristol. LOT LICK ,Cpl. Headley, 9337. 8th Bn. Devon­ shire Regt. 7th Oct., 1917. Age 25. Son o f Mr. James Richard and Mrs. R.T ollick, o f 4, RoseMary Cottages, Bonhay Rd., Exeter, Devon. LOT SON, Pte. Charles Wilfred, 26113.9 *b Bn. King’s Own Yorkshire Inf.Light 20th April, 1918. Age 22. Son o f Charles Thompson Tolson and Elizabeth Tolson, o f 175, Church Lane, Normanton, Yorks. LOT SON, Pte. John, 202891. nth Bn. Border Regt. 2nd Dec., 1917. LOT ROW THY, Pte. James, 28640. 7th B n .East Lancashire Regt. 31st Oct., 1917. Age 22. Son o f Mr. J. H.T olw orthy, o f 7 , Cobden St., Goughfold, Manchester. TOMB LIN, Pte. Frederick Arthur, PO/1854. R.M .L.I. 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N .Div. 6th Nov., 1917. TOMB LIN, Serjt. John Rawson, 200088. **B ”Coy. 2nd/4th Bn. Lincolnshire Regt. 26th Sept., 1917. Age 23. Son o f John Harry and Sarah Elizabeth Tom blin, of“ Willowbrook,” Low Toynton, Homcastle, Lincs. TOMB LIN, Pte. Herbert Edward, G/24232. nth Bn. The Queen’s. 4th Oct., 1918. T O MES, Pte. Samuel, 204168. 8th Bn. Norfolk Regt. 22nd Oct., 1917. Age 19. Son o f Mrs. L .Tomes, o f 42, Sabell Rd., Smethwick, Staffs. TOM KINS, Pte. Alfred George, 48426. nth Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 21st Sept., 1917. .Age 31. .Only son o f M r.and Mrs. George .Tom kins, o f The Cottage, Spring Lane, Olney, Bedford husband o f Ethel Mary Tomkins, o f Petsoe End, Emberton, Bedford. TOM KINS, Pte. Edward, 11469. 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regt. 9th Oct., 1917. Age 36. Son o f M r.and Mrs. Alfred Tomkins, o f Primrose Hill, Netherton, Dudley. TOM KINS, Pte. James, 41033. 9th Bn. Leicester- shire Regt. 30th Oct., 1917. TOM KINS, Pte. William Henry, 291989. ist/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 26th Oct., 1917. Age 34. Son o f the late M r.and Mrs. William. Henry Tom kins husband o f May M.A. Tomkins, o f 39, Buckingham Rd., Dalston, London. TOM L INS, Pte. Daniel, 240868. 2nd/5th Bn. East Lancashire Regt. 9th Oct., 1917. .TOM LIN SON, Pte. Anthony, 419578. 136th Coy. Labour Corps. 16th April, 1918. TOM LIN SON ,Lee. Cpl. Frank, 23993. 8th Bn. Duke o f Wellington’s Regt. 28th Aug., 1917. Age 25. Son o f Benjamin Kirby Tomlinson and Elizabeth Tomlinson, o f 17, Lees Hall Rd., Thornhill, Dewsbury, Yorks. TOM LIN SON ,Cpl. Fred, 19641, D .C.M .,M.M 11^.24 Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 2nd Dec., 1917. Age 28. Son o f M r.and Mrs. Edmund Tomlinson, o f Overton Lodge, Ashover, Chesterfield. TOM LIN SON, Pte. Frederick William ,90940. 17th Bn. The King’s Liverpool Regt. 20th April, 1918. TOM LIN SON, Pte. George Stanley, 50489. 12th Bn. The King’s Liverpool Regt. 15th Sept., 1917. Age 21. Son o f George and Emma Tomlinson, o f 79, West Park St., Salford, .Manchester. TOM LIN SON, Pte. Harry, 40525. 8th Bn. S. Staffordshire Regt. 12th Oct., 1917. TOM LIN SON, Rfn. Herbert, R/39023. 18th Bn. King’s Royal Rifle Corps. 20th Sept., 1917. Age 27. Son o f Matthew George and Emma Tomlinson, o f 332, Alfreton Rd., Nottingham .^TOM LIN SON, Gnr. Horace, 99791 .“C” Bty. 92nd Bde. Royal AField rtilleiy. 25th June, 1916. Age 20. Son o f Margaret Sdlgoe (formerly Tomlinson), o f 31, Wooller Rd., Low JM oor, Yorks, and the late Leonard Tomlinson. INDEX No. M.R.30 T Y N COTE MEMO RIAL XXII-PART
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