Far East, No. 9, Vol. 1, August 1945

Aug st,u 19^5 Far East 15 FUKUOKA Camp No. Just a word to say I am as fit in health as ever. Have received Red Cross par­cels, also mail. But would like photo­graphs if possible. —From a Seaman of II.M.S. Exeter. Fukuoka Camp. 1.1.45. Spent excellent Christmas. Hope yours as good. Wonderful dinner, cinema, concert, Red Cross parcel, tons of cigarettes. Authorities and our officers worked bard for our comfort. —From a Battery Sergeant-Major. JA V A CampY. Undated. Feeling fine and very optimistic. Have received six letters from you. Hope you are all fit. Don't worry. Antici- —SEND US YOUR NEWS- The Editor will be glad to consider for publication in FAR EAST any interest­ing letters or photographs (copies, not originals, please) recently received by next of kin. They should be addressed to the Editor, FAR EAST, St. James’s Palace, London, S.W .I. BURMA Tavoy Internment Camp. (Received March, T 945) I am keeping fairly fit and you should not be ai/xious about me. We have permission from now to write one letter per month. I may miss writing you next month as 1 have to communi­cate with the bank. If circumstances permit, please send me some conccntrated food such as RED CROSS CIVILIAN MESSAGES FROM CHINA Yangchow C.A.C. 30.11.44. Happy Xmas good luck 1945. Both well. Receiving parcels and comfort money. Continue sending postcards. Wrote, took part in, produced musical comedy. Pootung Camp, Shanghai. 9.11.44, Still flourishing though somewhat weary of it all: We are fortunate in hav­ing excellent library and many profes­sional musicians- Chapei Civilian Assembly Centre 26.12.44. *Grand Christmas. Santa Claus brought dolly, oranges, apples, nuts. Lovely Latest Letters Mtome M'ir t-hus m !J\r g*t r*f m*n ih t»C n n t p spate speedy reunion. —From an Aircraftman. MALAYA Malaya Camps. 8.9.44. Received 14 letters. Glad you are well. I am well. Patiently waiting. Keep smil­ing. —From a Signalman. M a I a ya Camps. Fit, well. Received many letters. Delighted everything all right. Longing for re­union. Keep smiling. Chins up.—From a Driver. Internment Camp No. 1. Undated. ...We attend various lec­tures and have occasional con­certs. We are permitted three walks a week and a walk to the sea once a month. Rice-fields covered with ash from the stream erupting from a Javanese volcano. of lava ?•»Internment Camp, No. 1. Undated. ..1 am happily engaged in hospital theatre as well as playing football fre­quently, sea bathing HONGKONG Hong Kong P.o.W .Camp .9-3-44- Received in all 1 6 letters from home, latest dated 20.3.44. We have received Canadian Red Cross parcels: very welcomc and every­one fitter and fatter a3 a result. Entertainment high-light is the bi­weekly gramophone concert. Still manage to keep occupied. Red Cross parcels were wonderful. First cold snap of winter to-day. Hot summer finished. Thrilled to get T944 letters from you. Bovril cubes, Horlicks, etc., also some cigarettes, needles and cotton and I should be grateful if you could manage to send a pair of cheap rubber-soled shoes, size 8, and 12 pkts. cigarettc papers. Lf possible, please send 2 oz. beetroot seed. KOBE Futatabi Camp. 16.5.45. Since writing last month, we had the great news of the end of the European War. After so long as five-and-a-half years, peace conditions must be quite strange. We envy you. Imagine that the next tew months hold some excitement in store for us and are bracing ourselves to meet it. Sydney. parcel each from friends out­side, cake, pudding, biscuits, chocolate, sweets. Grand weather, cold but sunny. Western Area No. 4 C.A.C. 14. II. 442 Welland busy. Mission folk well here and other camps. No recent news from you. Monthly food parcels good. Yu Yuen Road C.A.C. 31.10.44. All well making Xmas pre­sents dolls, wool brooches, sweetshop, fancy socks, gloves, bunny slippers from old clothes. Great Western Road C.A.C. -29.11.44. Delighted receive air card July 17. Still very fit. Good news from friends in Shang­hai, Honolulu, Vancouver, Always thinking. Lungwha C.A.C., Shanghai 10.10.44. Trust you're fine. Self O.K. All day. architecture. Football, hockey, cricket, softball. ...4 bouts malaria. Down 20 lbs. Cheers. Most of the letters and postcards re­ceived from the Far East consist of set phrases prescribed by the Japanese. We print extracts from messages which appear to be more spontaneous but the writers no doubt were conscious that the use of any phrases unacceptable to the Japanese might lead to the letters not going forward. With brief exceptions they come from camps then northern area.
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