The Illustrated War News, Part 32, March 17th 1915

i — TllP. ILLUSTRATED WAR NFAVS, MARCH 1 ? , I 9 t s — [ F a r t 32] TH E GREAT WAR, I ''H E news, after being focussed almost entirely in the E ast for some weeks past, lias this week veerecl with the high winds of war and blown steadily and encouragingly from the W est. This phenomenon is purely a natural one, as m ay easily be gathered from the remarkable communique issued by the French 0 11 their work in the Champagne sector of the western line. The successful fighting of our Allies here has been a reflex (and has reacted on) the fighting in the east, just as our own particular success at Neuve Chapelle is a reflex of the fighting in the Champagne. The report is indeed a remarkable one. Although it deals with fight­ ing mainly antecedent to the week, the effects of that lighting are being felt very powerfully now, and will probably be felt as power­ fully at later stages of the war. It shows how the French have advanced to a decisive object, against all endeavours in mass and in fury of counter-attack of the Germans to hold them back, and how they have attained that object— that is, a series of high ridges that can be used as a jumping-off point for further favourable a t­ tacks. But this irresistible advance was something very much more than a steady process of assault. It was a deliberate item in an intelli­ gent and concerted plan which the eastern as well as western Allies recognised and fought to. B y their heavy attacks here the French not only detained great masses of German troops before their front— 119 battalions THE M ASTER -BLU FFER OF GERMAN FINANCE : TH E K A IS E R ’S CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER, DR. HELFFERICH. Dr. Helfferich is the German Minister of Finance. In opening his estimates for the year to the Reichstag, he asked for a further war-credit of £500,000,000 to carry on the w ar until late in the autumn. The Allies, he declared, would be made to pay all expenses in the end ! i i . ..........
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