Pacific Post No 95 October 22nd 1945

PACE 4 MONDAY. OCTOBER 22,1945 r w u i r n r v r a i NO RAIN-SURREY PLANS UPHELD Appeal For Funds Successful A N item for Bob Ripley’ “Believes It Or Not” department is pro­vided by the Surrey County Cricket Club. Down at the Oval these days they are very nearly praying for rain. Now, this is all against the usual way of things, as you know, but I can report that the Surrey chiefs have avery good reason for cursing the dry spell which has hit England in the last three weeks, writes Paul Irwin. You see, they are wanting tore -tu rf three and half acres of their ground down therein the shadow of the dear old K ensington gasometer, b u tare un­able to make a start owing to the fine weather. Surrey ordered over a thousand turves fnom a farmer a t Cliffe, near G ravesend, and hoped to have delivery a t the Oval in order to begin work before the end of October. But the G ravesend report is that not one turf can be cut until the dry spell ends, and the ground has had a good soaking. “The Wretched Weather” “This is going to set backus a bit in our schedule,” a Surrey official told “Theme. wretched weather is responsible. Wretched for our job, I mean. W e have the ground all ready dug and levelled for turfing to start immediately, but the delay means we shall have a race to. get the ground ready for a full season of county cricket next sum m er.” Now some of the customers may ask why three and a half of the Oval’s nine acres need returfing. H ere’s the answer. Surrey’s ground was overtaken during the war and planted without steel stakes and barbed wire. I twas to be used as a priso ner-o f-w ar pen in the event o f a German invasion, and was specially earmarked to hold paratroops dropped in and around Lon­ don. Only the actual wicket was left untouched. Through the maze of wire would go Sandy T ait, the Surrey masseur, to keep the playing pitch in some sort of condi­tion. T a it admits he was abetter mas­seur than he is a groundsman, but ad­vices are th a the has done a first-class job, and there will belittle wrong with the wicket. lamage Outfield is a different business. Dock leaves and nettles have sprung up every­where, and it will be along, longtime before the Oval is back to anything like itsj normal condition. Bert Locke Is now in “Bosser" Mar­ tin ’sold role Locke was once on the Surrey staff as a bowler, playing irregu­larly in the second team and making occasional appearances in the County side. He left some years ago to join Devon as a bowler-coach, and was in the West­ern Club’s Minor Counties' eleven. Now he is back again with first class quali­fications for the post of head grounds­man. Several bombs were dropped on the Oval, damaging the grandstand. There Is a n appeal without a one hundred thou sand pounds’ target f o rebuild it. Reports are that money is incoming wry nicely, thank you, and that the target should be reached when all-an out drive is made in the new year. DECISION EXPECTED ON NEXT M.C.C. TOUR The M.C.C. committee will meet to­day to decide the text of their reply to tlrje Australians’ invitation to send a team abroad next autumn. Present indications are that the in­vitation will be accepted.—A A.P. j League Tables i LEAGUE Pld. NORTH Won Lost .mD Pts. AUSTRALIANS MEET TOUGH MARINES Buxton Wins by K.O. SYDNEY, Saturday. —Royal Marine Alex Buxton (11.6) took only a little under around and a half to beat Prank Duff (11.9) in the main bout at Sydney Stadium. There was little in the first round, with both men content to measure the distances. Soon after the start of the second, however, B uxton lead with his left, then brought in a terrific right to the heart. Duff went down and took the full count. For sometime after the contest, Duff was in bad shape and had to be kept under medical observation. B uxton has taken part in three con­tests in Sydney and won all of them ,*Brilliant Recovery Fig h ting with great spirit, Johnny Rice (11.10), also o f the Royal Marines, staged a brilliant recovery half-way through his bout with the hard -hitting Australian, Bob Peters (11.91), and man ­aged to force a draw .Rice, who took the about t the last minute, has been trained mainly for six round contests, and his twelve rounds of hard, stubborn fighting with Peters was a tribute to his courage and staying power. I twas one of the best fights seen a t the Stadium for along time, i The contest started a t a lively pace, which continued throughout, although the referee had to breakup clinches on several occasions. Peters’ hard right showed itself from the beginning. I then second round h e landed two crashing blows to the Marine’s jaw ,but without visible effect. In the seventh. Rice was put down by a terrific blow, b u the pluckily jumped to his feet and, in a dazed condition, held on until the bell. Johnny Rice then seemed to find new strength .He carried the fight to Peters, scoring with vicious upper-cuts, and continued in fine style until the end of the fight. Well behind on points half-way through, the Marine’s superb recovery astonished the large crowd. A game fighter, h e was a t a disadvantage in height and reach. Chesterfield Huddersfield Blackpool .Liverpool .Bury ...Sheffield Wed Bolton.. Newcastle. E verton ..Sheffield BU. arnsley Stoke.... Bradford ..Preston ..Grim sby ..Manchester C ...BLeeds urnley .,Mid’ brough S underland Blackburn Manchester 111012 I tIt 2023325546534310111010101112111291010101011101177666645 X 617151521421468723333233336565676 POOLS MAKE £1,000,000 OFFER An offer amounting to one million pounds a year, but “increas­ing as times become normal,” has been made by the Football Pool Promoters’ Association to the Football League. LEAGUE SOUTH C h arlto n... Birmingham MillwaU ..Aston Villa Chelsea. B ren tfo rd ..Derby County F u lh am ...11111012111111 xl Wolves ...................11 West Brom. ..12 West Ham ...11 Portsmouth ..11 Coventry ....10 N otts Forest .11 Southampton .10 Leicester ....11 Arsenal ....11 Swansea ....10 T o tten ham ...10 L u ton .................10 Newport ....IX Plymouth ....11 THIRD DIVISION NORTH( E a s t Reg ion 1212121214131312133023134241521331323320020113715222406877534456533332301313123232434)876676655545 545510976111012111312551815151515151413666681119 G ateshead .9213 WELSH CHAMPION KNOCKED OUT PARIS, S aturday.—In two minutes fifty seconds, Marcel C erdan, described as Carp en tier’s successor, knocked out the Welsh middle-weight champion, Tommy Davies. The French man landed a series of w ell-placed lefts to the jaw and then followed through with aright punch that floored Davies for .keeps.—A.A.P. R o therham ..962 X 13 D arlington ...963»12 Bradford C. ..9432 X O York ...................9432 X O Halifax ....93339 D oncaster ...93428 H artlepools ..935 X 7 Carlisle ....926 X 5 ste f 1 3 W rexham ...952212 Rochdale ....963012 Crewe ....9423 X X Chester ....953 XXX A ccrington ...9432 X 0 T ranm ere ...9 4r 4 X 9 O ldham ....92348 Stockport ...935 X 7 Barrow ....9 X 535 South port ...9 X 624 THIRD DIVISION SOUTH (North Region) Q .P.R ....................129 X 220 Port Vale ...1253414 Norwich ....1053212 W atford ...IX 65012 Northampton .12453 X X N otts County .943210 Ipswich ....1044210S outhend ....93428 W alsall ....XX 3628 Clapton O. ...12 X 657 Mansfield ...92526 (South Region) Crystal Palace .1172216 Cardiff ....1073014 Bristol City ..1265 X 13 Brighton ..1266012 Bristol Rovers .1054 XXX Bournemouth .10442 X O Sw indon ....8422 X O A ldershot ...1235410 IX 3539 Torquay ....102537 Reading ....111824 The Football League meets atMan-- Chester to-day, when the question of accepting the financial assistance from the pools will be considered. The offer mads recently, says that the Pool Promoters’ Association are pre­pared to enter into a n agreement with the League to give effect to the pro­posals to provide one million pounds for a t least three years. Members of the Pool Promoters' Asso­ciation would reduce their commission deducted from the turnover before the pool dividends are fixed—from five to four per cent.—th willis ensure that dividends payable to winning clients will in noway be affected .Have Always Been Willing The letter making their offer is sign­ed by Mr. E. Holland Hughes, the sec­retary of the Football Pool Promoters' Association, and says that members of Unity Pools, who are members- of the “Prom oters’ Association." have always been willing to make a contribution to­wards the encouragement of football, and further the interests of these engaged in the sport. What line of action will the Football Association take if the Football League recommends that the Pool’s offer oe accepted? I n their interim report, the F.A. Post-War Committee, not only de­clined to have anything to do with Pool profits, but urged that Government ac­tion should betaken to suppress foot­ ball pools. t y <-:'>..*¦Leading Telegraphist Charles By- ford, who is on the staff of the Com-m ander-in-C hief, British Pacific Fleet, and Miss N onna C leland, daughter of Captain Cleland, of the Australian Army, and Mrs. C leland, aftei their wedding in Sydney. CANTERBURY MAYOR DIES The Mayor of Canterbury, Alderman Charles Lefevre, has died after a brief illness. i Results At A Glance INTERNATIONAL MATCH ENGL AN® 0, WALES 1 LEAGUE NORTH B arnsley ...Blackburn ..Bolton ...341 Sheffield BU.. urnley ...Manchester U 521 Bradford ...6 Bury. 0 Chesterfield. i M iddlesbrough 0 E verton ...4 S underland 0 Huddersfield. 3 Stoke .:..X Leeds ....2 Preston ....X Manchester C. X Liverpool ..0 Newcastle -.2 Blackpool ..2 Sheffield Wed. 4 LEAGUE Grim sby ...SOUTH X Arsenal.... XC h arlto n ...2 Aston Villa ..3 F u lh am ...0 B ren tfo rd ...2 Birmingham. X Chelsea ....7 West B rom ..4 Coventry ..,3 Portsmouth X Derby ....4 Newport ...X Leicester ....0 N otts Forest. 0 M illwall ....0 West Ham ..0 Plymouth ...X L uton ....X Southampton. 2 Wolves ...4 Swansea ...4 Spurs ....2 THIRD DIVISION NORTH(West Region) Barrow ....0 Crew e.................0 R ochdale ..3 Chester. ...1 S outhport ..0 A ccrington ..0 Stockport ...1 W rexham ..2 Tran mere ..2 O ldham ...X (East Region) D arlington ..X Halifax ...2 D oncaster ..3 C arlisle ...0 H artlepools ,.0 G ateshead ..2 Roth erh am. 4 Bradford City X York ....3 Lincoln ...0' YUS, FANKS, SIR —BUT THAT BLOKE AIN'T/— E COME BLINDIM' ROUND THE CORNER AND SKIDDED INTO THAT DfTcH/— MISSED ME BY A 'air's bread th,'E DJD? THIRD DIVISION SOUTH (North Region) Ipswich ....3 Clapton Orient 1 Northampton. 0 Q.P.R..................2 N otts County. X Mansfield ..0 Port Vale ..2 W atford ...1 Southend ...1 A ldershot Bournemouth .Bristol Rovers Cardiff ...T orquay ...2 Bristol City 3 E xeter ...2 Swindon ..4 Brighton. 4 Reading .SCOTTISH LEAGUE (First Division) Aberdeen ..X Clyde ....2 Celtic ....2 St. M irren ..2 F alkirk ....3 K ilm arnock . 4 Hamilton ...2 Morton ...2 H iberian ...0 M otherwell .,0 P artick ....6 Third L anark . 2 Queen’s Park. 0 Rangers ...2 Queen of South 3 Hearts ....3 (Second Division) Albion ....0 Dundee ...2 A llo a ................2 A irdrie ....3 A y r....................X R a ith ....X Cow denbeath . X D um barton ..5 Dundee United 7 Stenhousem uir 0 East Fife ...8 A rbroath ...0 St. Jo hnstone X D unferm line. 1 RUGBY LEAGUE B atley ....41 B ram ley ...15 Bradford ....67 Liverpool S.. 0 B roughton R ..3 Barrow ...3 P eath ersto n eR, 7 Hull .....2 Halifax ....19 R ochdale ...3 Hull K.R. ..8 Huddersfield. 0 Leeds ....28 York ..,.12 St. H elens ..15 H unslet ....12 Sw inton ...3 Dewsbury ..7 W akefield T ..16 S alford. ...11 W arrington ..19 C astleford ..8 W idnes ...13 O ldham ....12 W orkington T. 5 W igan .,„.4 Stop Press FIG H TING AGAIN IN JAVA. BATAVIA, Sunday.—F ighting has flared up anew Bin atavia with a t least thirteen Indonesians killed and two Indian soldiers wounded. For­eign Minister of “Indonesian Repub­lic” has announced that a mob kill­ed eleven Dutch officers attached to relief organisation in mountains between B atavia and Bandoeng. —A.A.P. Published by British Pacific Fleet Public tions (N.I.L. Div.) exclusively for the Flei and printed by Naval personnel at the offit o f Truth &Sportsman, Ltd., Maedonell Hou 321 Pits street. Sydney. H.S.W.
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