The Illustrated War News, Part 29, February 24th 1915

THE ILLUSTRATED IV A R NEWS, FEB. 24,1915.— [Part 29]—5 rasawowsESMS f ' JBL ¦„'r iS :.v.'- jd 1 fm: W ,i. 1 .^ir y m'aj. 'rWkJ f 1.• A A haL ce- C p l Michael 0 'IearyK C.~ 1s- t Bat t- Irish Guards~ s j j ih eLate& p i J .F Val l the ih .YC V- Batt^ SouthS taffordshire Regt The Late Lt .EA. de Pass .V.C.I 3 4 _h P r .Albert Victor ’sOwn PoonaHorse L T E U T.A.M a RT'IH‘U A KE,Y C Royal Army Med i cal Corps.•• i e s a i s^'^r INCLUDING O’L YEAR ,OF THE IRISH GUARD S,AND THE “DOUBLE V .C .":SOLDIERS WHO HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE VICTORIA CROSS. Among recipients 01 the Victoria Cross “for conspicuous acts of bravery and devotion to duty ”are Lance-Corporal (now Sergeant) Michael O’ Leary, who killed five Germans and then attacked a second barricade, killing three more, and practically capturing the position by himself.------ Lieut. Neame held back the enemy and rescued wounded near Neuve Chapelle, despite heavy firing.------ The late Captain J .F. V allentin was struck down when leading an attack at Zillebeke. His bravery and ability largely led to the capture of the enem y’s trenches.------ Lieut. Arthur M artin-Leake, .C.,R.A.M already a V.C., has the unique distinction of a clasp, for tending wounded under fire, near Zonnebeke.— [Photos, by Newspaper Illustrations, Heath, Dassano, and Hop pi.] I I 4
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