Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 22 No 1

A profound study oj the structure of the British Umpire a?id its relation to the rest of the world Sir EDWARD GRIGG K.C .M.G .,K.C .V .C.,.O.,M M.P. THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Its Place itt the Service of the World A sympathetic and penetrating analysis in which the author examines the problems inherent in building up an Empire system of collective security, and indicates the constitutional method by which these problems can best be attacked. 5 /New HUTCHINSON Novels in large demand Brilliant new tiorel by the author of “Sonia ”STEPHEN MCKENNA’S MEAN SENSUAL MAN This important new novel of contemporary happen­ings is an event. What novel of Stephen McKenna’s is not? So brilliant is his dialogue and so vivid and dramatic his storytelling that his readers are always certaia of entertainment and stimulation. 10/6 Author of “The Court of Inutty Fee t,” etc. J.G. SARASIN’s THE DARK TURNPIKE An enthralling and historical novel which we believe will be this author’s greatest achievement and most outstanding story. 8/6 Author of the“ B L.ICKS H JR T "novels 00,000(1.0 cojiles sold )BRUCE GRAEME’S A CASE FOR SOLOMON Once more that lovable character, “Theodore I. Terhune,” combines amateur detection with his bookselling activities this strange and unusual crime story will be welcomed by this author’s many readers. 8/6 •4<i epic tale of th lp wrecked men J. D. BERESFORD AND ESME W YNNE-TYSON's MEN IN THE SAME BOAT An unusual story of the sea handled with consum­mate skill, which, besides offering excellent enter­tainment, will leave the reader with much to think about. 7/6 HUTCHINSON <{"Co. (Publishers) Ltd. [The World’s L a rg est Book Pub lis hers h i
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