Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 21 No 10

Author o f “Black Record” (joo,ooo copies sold) X The Right Hon. LORD VANSITTART LESSONS OF MY LIFE The Star: “Most readable book of political experiences and opinions that has appeared for a longtime.” Manchester Guardian: “Brilliant tractate, aggressive, but terrifically sincere.” The Times :“Frank and fearless.” c >/6 With a Foreword by LADY PORTAL Katharine Bentley BEAUMAN WINGS HERON SHOULDERS Daily Mail: “The author has done her job welland pro­duced a book which not only members of the W.A.A.F. but many members of the public too will want to possess.” Illustrated with 40 photographs by Cecil B eaton. 8/G Occupied Czechoslovakia from the ftffhllng point o f riew FOUR FIGHTING YEARS published on behalf o f C Z ECHO SLOVAK MINISTRY O F FOREIGN AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT O FIN FOR MAT ION The history of Czechoslovakia under the rule of the Nazis since 1940, with many authentic but unknown particulars of recent developments. 7/6 Commander Sir WALTER WINDHAH WAVES, WHEELS, WINGS In this fascinating book, completed only a short time before his death, Sir Walter Windham, eminent pioneer and motorist and aviator, has left his own memorial of a truly remarkable career. With 17 illustrations. 12/6 Author of "W aveU hi the Middle E a st” Major-General H. ROWAN-ROBINSON AUCKINLECK TO ALEXANDER An important new book dealing with the phases of the world conflict, subsequent to the German invasion of Russia. Illustrated. 12/6 The autobiography of the well-known actor ESMOND KNIGHT SEEKING THE BUBBLE An autobiography o f the well-known actor who was blinded in the action against the Bismarck his initiation into St. Dunstan’s and the opening up of anew life. With 9 illustrations. 15/-. X HUTCHINSON &Co. (Publishers) Ltd. THEW O R LB’S LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS X
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