Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 21 No 1

HUTCHINSON’S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WAR LEADERS IN THE CONQUEST OF TUNISIA Allied war chiefs photographed in captured Tunis. From left to right are seen Air Vice-Marshal Broadhurst, A.O.C. Western Desert Air Marshal Coningham General Montgomery General Alexander Air Chief Marshal Tedder and Brigadier- General L.S. Kuter, U.S. Army Air Chief. long-torm en ted China. 1 regard the bringing o f effective and immediate aid to Chin a as one o f the most urgent o four common tasks. It may not have escaped your attention that I have brought with m toe this co u n try and to this conference Field-Marshal W av ell and the other two Commanders- in-Chief from India. Now ,they have not travelled all this way simply to concern themselves about improving the health and happiness o f the Mikado o f Japan. 1 though tit would be good that all concerned in this th eatre should meet together and thrash out in friendly can dour, heart to heart, all the points that arise, and there are many. You maybe sure that if all that was necessary was for an order to be given to the great armies standing read yin India to march towards the Rising Sun and open the B urm a Road ,that order would be given this afternoon. The matter is, however, somewhat more complicated, and all movement or infiltration o f troops into the mountain sand jungles to the north-west o f India is very strictly governed b y what you American military men call the science o f logistics. But, Mr. President, I repudiate, and I am sure with your sympathy, the slightest suspicion that w cane hold anything back that can be usefully employed, or that I and the Government I represent are not as resolute to employ everyman ,gun ,and aeroplane that can be used in this business, was e have proved ourselves ready to do in other theatres o f the war. In our conference in January ,1942, between the President and myself, and between our high expert advisers, it was evident that, while the defeat o f Japan would not mean the defeat o f Germ any, the defeat of Germany would infallibly mean the ruin o fja pan .The realisation o f this simple truth does not mean that both sides should not proceed to geth er, and indeed the major part o f the United States forces is now deployed on the Pacific front. In the broad division which w ether made o four labours, in January ,1942, the United States undertook the main responsibility o f prosecuting the war against Japan ,and for aiding Australia and New Z ealan tod defend themselves against a Japanese invasion, which then seemed far more threatening than it docs now. O then other hand w e took the main burden on the A tla n tic. This was only natural. Unless the ocean life-line which join sour two peoples can be kept un­broken the British Isles and all the very considerable forces which radiate therefrom would be paralysed and doomed. W e have willingly done our full share o f the sea work in the dangerous waters o f the Mediterranean and in the Arctic convoys to Russia, wand e have sustained, since our alliance began ,more than double the losses in merchant tonnage that have fallen upon the United States. O then other hand again ,the prodigious output of new ships from the United States bu ildin g-yards has now ,for six months past, overtaken ,and now indeed far surpasses, the losses o f both allies, and if no effort is relaxed there is every reason to count upon the ceaseless progressive expansion o f allied shipping available for the prosecution o f the war. Our killings o f the U -boats, as the Secretary o f the Navy will readily confirm ,have this year greatly exceeded all previous experience and the last three months, and particularly the last three weeks, have
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