Black and White Budget, No. 25, Vol. II, March 31st 1900

NOTICES BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March 31,1900 All communications regarding Pictures and Articles to be addressed to “The Editor, Black and White Bud get, j j , Bouverie Street, London,- E .C."All communications regarding Back Numbers, Terms o f Subscription,< 5 >>c., to be addressed to “The Publisher, Black and White Bud get ,63, Fleet Street, London, .CE .”The Editor requests Correspondents who may wish to communicate with the Publisher at the same time as they write to him, to write a separate letter to the Publisher at the address given above, and not add it to their communication to the Editor. The Editor particularly requests that no Poems be sent for consideration. NOTES The regiment that greatly distinguished itseh at the Battle of Driefontein, just previous to Lord Roberts entering Bloemfontein, was theist Welsh Regiment, the old 41st Foot. It lost 22 killed and 101 wounded in taking the Alexander Kopje with the bayonet, and one of the correspondents states it to bethe finest bit of work he ever saw. Previously the battalion had not O 'WAR tured. A furnace has been made out of a disused water- tank lined with firebricks, and fragments of the enemy’s shells are purchased at 2d. a pound for smelting1 !It has not been generally noticed how largely Lanca­shire and Yorkshire are represented at the front. The County Palatine has no fewer than eight Line battalions and five Militia battalions, either in South Africa or on A precaution that war makes necessary seen much active service, but it went through the the way out. Yorkshire has five line and three Militia Crimean War. At the Alma the 41st defended the battalions on active service at the Cape, in addition to sandbag battery till a rampart of corpses was found theist York and Lancaster Regiment, which officially around them, and the Russians had to retire. Sir |belongs to the broad-acred county. Altogether, there- Kvelvn Wood says it was the most determined fighting !fore, Lancashire is represented by thirteen and York- imaginable. .•!shire by nine battalions. I t appears that Lady Audrey Buller has her dis- ^Lady Roberts is rapidly nearing South|Africa, where tinguished husband’s first charger with her at Aldershot, she. has gone to see!the grave of her .gallant son. Some of the horses of famous commanders have become Lieutenant Roberts, V .C., who fell while helping to historic. Washington, while on active service, had save the guns at Colenso. He lies in a soldier’s grave, two chargers one a large elegant parade horse of a I with only a martial cloak around him, not far from the chestnut colour, and the other a smaller horse of a spot where he fell. Its only mark at present are tour sorrel colour. This latter the General always used to 1 small sticks, but of course, indue course a monument ride during battle, and whenever he appeared thus j will be erected over it, as well as over the soldier*’ mounted, the word ran through the ranks, “We have ¦graves adjoining. business on hand! An amusing story is being told of a regiment with During the siege of Kimberley, it will be recalled that |Sir Redvers Buller in Natal. During one of the opera* the De Beers’ workmen made anew cannon, which j tions in the relief of Ladysmith, this regiment was held was christened “Long Cecil,” and proved very useful. |in reserve, but, though stationed behind a/hill, many It is now reported that the mechanics of the railway stray bullets came whistling across. After awhile the works at Mafeking have started an ordnance shop, men began to murmur, and at last one of them grunted, where fifty rounds of shell daily are being manufac- “What the devil are we doing here, instead of being
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