News Chronicle February 8th 1941

-r (Jico. nwuy ta inn u jw WttCU IfW M i Ai,bey-rd., N.W .10. w. .....BOOKKEEPER (Good) wanted wt^h accoun­tancy knowledge, for manufacturing: com­pany in Wimbledon district »tate age, ex­perience and salary required. Write Box P 1725. News Chronicle, E.C.4. BOY wanted for CXty office. Apply James W. Carr A Co. Ltd., 26-27, Budge-row, Cannon-st., E.C.4. CHIEF Clerk (Male) required for general offices. Eng-lnee-rlng firm, N .W .London preference given to applicant with knowledge shorthand-typing:. Write Box P 1741. Hews Chronicle, E.C.4. COLLECTORS and Tracers, capable, ovor military age or exempt from service must be cyclists and able to pass Fidelity Bynd All districts in London area. Apply W .H. Barnea Ltd.. 36-38, Peckham-rd., London, S.E.5. JUNIOR Clerk (15-16) required for Ship­owners' office previous experience not necessary, hut elementary knowledge of Spanish. Portugvttyd or Italian an advantage. Apply by letter to Currie Line, Ltd.. 107, Leudenball-it.. London, E.C.3. JOURNALISTS. PRINTERS, etc. BOOK C * mp:stti>rs, Miehle Machine Minders and Monotype Keyboard Operators (Firet- c'ass), exempt from military service, wanted rate £4 5s. per week state 1 1 T.U .Horne Counties area. Write Box P 1713. News Chronie’e, E.C.4. COMPS, wanted (T.A.), book. Jobbln*. dlsp ay state age and experience. Un^ Brothers. Limited. Woking. Surrey. ENGRAVER'S and DLe Sinkers wanted for commercial and private stationery trade must b #>exempt. Write ~**Chronicle. E.C.4. P 1719, News F IRST-('LASS Line Etchers, also Colour Etchers wanted Immediately for Northern photoengraving house. Write Box P 1733. News Chronicle. E.C.4. GUILLOTINE Cutter: over military age. Apply Library Bureau (Kardex) Ltd.. Blvedcn-rd., Stonebridge Park. N .W .10. JOBBING Compositor wanted. Apply 44- 4b. Great Sutton-st., Clerkenwell. E .C.l. LETTERPress Machine Minder must know .&M.L No. 4 Mlehie with stream feeder and colour process work. Write Box P 1757, Nows Chronicle, E.C.4. L ETrkRPRKSS Minder wanted T.A.' wltli knowledge of Vertical Mlebles. Standard Wli .rfedales or others state age acd txperience. Unwin Brothers Ltd.. Woking, Surrey. '....LINOTYPE Operator wanted immediately. Marshall, Round Church-St.. Cambridce. 1 ITUO Machinist for small rotary offset. A j Fredk. Abbott Ltd., Hucknail-rd.. No-ting.v , _ MACHINE Ruler to work 3 or 4 carriage .Striker. Write age. Box P 1711. News Chronicle, E.C.4. M ACIIIN LM A N wanted, used to automa- t .os. Commercial Pre>s. Ltd.. Wickham- rd., boy. urn he. Bournemouth. MACHINE Hand wanted. Apply 44-45. Great Sutton-st.. Clerkenwell, E .C.l. M HIE L E .Machine Minder wanted for best- colour work. Sun Engraving Co.. MONO Casters and Compositors (Soc.) aan*ed for Jobbing and periodical work. >Sua Engraving Co.. Watford. PRACTICAL Etching Service. Ltd., require two Boys between the age of 14 and 16« with a view to Apprenticeship. APPLY IN' PERSON between 1 and 2 p.m. 24. Fet- ter-lane. E.C.4. ^PRINTER wanted by photographic Press agency, wtth Fleet Street experience pre- f••red. Write age. experience and salary reqd., B>x C 9408, New* Chronicle. E.C.4. T>RJ NTER for W uarfe good w.ges. 9. X DalPngton-st.. Goswell-rd.. E .C.l. .RELIABLE Male Shorthaad-Typlst required lor training as Junior Journalist sport­ing ability an advantage excellent opportu­nity to start in Fleet Street. Write Box O 9416. News Chronicle. E.C.4. WORKING Manager wunted shortly lor smal' 1 >bbing office In safe area T.A. Write Box P 1663, News Chronicle, E.C.4. MOTOR INDUSTRY COACH iMiu'.or ruqd. regular employment. A.ppiv. stating wages riNjd.. to Tudor ltastiugs-rd., Bromley common, Kent. MOTOR DRIVERS, etc.( IH A l.'F K E l R required for Managing Dlrec- u>r. Armaments Factorio. who needs vito v.t works anytime day or night: must have r.u ties ami be willing to work long hours live i:i good salary for right, man. Write ?vix J’ i7*y. Nows chronicle, E.C.4. O DRIVJittfi wanted for solid fuel, hourly or mJ, for London and Suburbs. Bell liivt.-’ m«'Ut Trust. Ltd.. Park West, Edgware- r.i.. W .2. Pad. 3041. make rs, j e sweller F ERM. position Lady or Gent., with exu. rotal dwellers Immediately. A ppiy Cim irer, Cuss &>Co.. 186. Uxbrldge-rd., I/ :'do::.\ V .12. WANTED.— Watch and Clock Repairer lti •vmntv of Kent salary £5 per week fc'ave ag*: u:d references. Write 1<11. Pvc Finch. 6. Market-st.. Dartford. HOTEL AND RESTAURANT STAFFS 1H A M BERM AIDS (experienced), required 70 p.a. Apply Head House- Cr. per. strand Pifi.ce Hotel. W.C.2. C U'MBEI.’LAND Hotel.— Daily Housemaids /ro-.d. 30s. per week good references. i . Ap’ . iy bf.ween 10 a.m .and 6 p.m. 11.’ad Housekeeper. Staff Entrance, Bryauston- W C.l. CUMBERLAND Hotel.— Housemaids reqd. /v.’ in hotel experience not essential if applicant* arc quick and willing to learn d.>'p shelter provided for staff. Apply the- ,ve n 10 a.m. and 6 p.m ..Head House- kr.Tjr'r. Entrance. Bryanston-St.. W .l. 1~\ A IT.Y Housemaids required from 1 p.m.- 1 1 f J p m .(deep shelter provided) 30/- per week, with one flay off. Apply Head 1 t'u^'ke. per. Cnmivrlar-rt Hotel, Staff En- 'irynrmr.n-nt. W .l.t porter Val-’t rend. experienced id Ilouiekrt'per. Regent J t notes. I'.-'a.!! y-cii‘cus. W .l. RESIDENT CiiaipVr-nnids required wages £70. V V 'rte H’ad Housekeeper. Regent p 11*1. i,(«rirton. W .l. rj^.RAY G i^s ieqd., glrl> leaving school not X ol.jorfeO to. 18/-per week. Apply h tween 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon, Head House* kfoini.f - i tnd Hot) i. Bnanston-st. \\Tent. A IT n)•'.«sF.S required for grill and >V 'f>.-tiuMnt. Applv betwo<-n 10 a.m. and 12 rr--,i. .nd 2 •sr'- i 4 p.m ..Manager, Cumber- J i :.<Hot... Bry ui.-.tou s*,.ent. I^LOOR P STANDARD CANISTER^ I GIVES DOUBLE I paper and packing |material and so helps the Nation’s i war effort. money for you I Here is Vim’s contribution to the national economy effort— a special standard wartime canister in one size only for 6d. It takes the place of the original 9d and 6d sizes. This means that more paper and packing material will be available for the Government’s war needs it means also that you get better value for your money. There is no change in the high quality of Vim itself— it still gives the safe, smooth clean­ing which makes pots and pans last and last. Of course, the 2d packets of Vim will continue to be available. f 0 SAFER smooth l f 4 N INC ©STANDARD CANISTER r STANDARD PRICE iD lONLYi Selling Agents: r .s.H u d son mil i ted Please DON’T GRUMBLE i f your train is a little late may have to wait three months for your new ULTRA RADIO ENGLISH &IRISH RACING. S.P. o p TOT £,Bets from I/-. Time postmarked up to tne “OFF .”GREY HOUNDS (N.G.R.C.) TRACKS .FOOT BALL FIXED ODDS .Send for details to our Scottish offices only.% s tto II ,DU K .JEST DIN BURGH if ,GE ORG ESQ ,C IA S G 0 W CREOIT fl/Cs ARRANGED at our LONDON OFFICE. Write to 94 NEW BONO $T., LONDON, W.1 000 Black Hawk (Gold smith ).11-11022 Chinese Order (Private ),11-5/ E BToIrn n04 Shandw ick Place (H ardinge), 11-4-4— 32f M asquery (J Anthony ),11-3 E Williams 444 R old ’Egypte (White man), llr2 J Cox 20f Forward (J Hall). 11-1 ...................-j- 312 Schubert (Beechener), 11-1 ..C rapb nOn Post Horn (Rim ell), 11-0 ....Rim ell Ofl Pol loP um (D William 11-0s), D Jones 133 S antick (Private). 10-12 Lt-Col Harvey 010 C arrlganore (J Payne). 10-12 Wilson nnO Chesterton (J Hall), 10-10 M r Hunter 1 In Wedgwood (Ho lpian). 10-10 Nicholson 304 N enagh Lad (Rim ell), 10-10 A Jack 032 Black Brother (Furlong). 10-10 Isaac 420 Raiding Party (I Anthony ),10-8 B urford 3f3 Par Cotton (E Parker), 10-7....---320 Bachelor Kin g(O Anthony), 10-4 ——fOO G oldscleugh (E lking ton), 10-3 Capt L llliugston 000 Wishing Well W(E illia ms), 10-2—« Coleman fOO Colre-an-Dhulch (K ilp a trick ).10-1 PLay 000 Barn Builder (Private), 16-1 M Tater O O nln grannes (D rinkw ater). 10-0^ D rinkw ater n03 Don Cossack (E lking ton). 10-0— 40n Double Royal (Elk gin ton ).10-0 Holllck How They May Bet: 7-2 Golden Knight. 9-2 Schubert, 6 Roi d ’Egypte. 7 Pol Ploum. K inseiia 300 April Sunshine (E Parker), 10-7 BrownE How They May Bet: 7-4 Alibi, 3 L ucilla, 5 M y Solace, 7 Bacardi, 8 Dark K n ig ht, 100-8 others. 3.30— D R ITO W ICH CHASE. £70. 2m. 000 Sable Marten H(F artig an )12-0 M r J H a rtig a n 011 The Top (F Gurney), 12-0..G urney 022 Chinese Order (Private). 12-O.E Brown Of4 Grosvenor Bridge (Furlong ),12-0310 Apogee (R Hobbs), 12-0 ...........Wilson 110 Dixie Kid (White man), 12-0..J Cox 2fn B achcha Sahib (Beeby). 12-0..Carey 341 Brave Mic (D W illia ms), 12-O.Piggott 003 The U plifter (I Anthony ),11-7 B urford n03 Don Cossack (Elk gin ton ),11-7 L t W B isslll 40n T rlsm ond (Pease). 11-7 ....J Hogan 2 fi Empire Breeze (Foljam be), 11-7 M Morris 000 Petoford (Lowe), 11-7............... A F a lk Ofl Silver Bugle (Norris), 11-7’ i .................00 Coronation Mon arch W(E illia ms). 11-7..............................................................040 Bold Knight (Private), 11-7..T urnell 0 Cap ta in’s Choice (Rim ell). ll-7.Rim ell OOf Lovechild (J Hall). 11-7 ..Mr Hunter 20f Gay Thorn (W alw yn), 11-O.Nicholson How They May Bet: 9-4 Brave Mic, 3 Apogee, 7-2 Sable Marten, 6 Chinese Order, 7 Dixie Kid, 8 Empire Breeze. 10 others. India Loans Galled Up OSCAR R. HOBSON, City Editor 73, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, E.C.2. Telephone: CENtral 5000 THE Government is breaking1 fresh grounds in its war finance programme by applying the securities “calling up ”procedure to a number of Indian Government sterling loans. Six such loans are the subject of a “Vesting Order ”made yes­terday under which holders resident in the United Kingdom are required to lodge their holdings with the Bank of Eng­land by March 10 next. Payment at ratco fixed by the Order and based on yesterday’s market values will be made on March 24. The stocks in question, together with the prices to be paid for them, areas follows :Price per £100. India £5% Stock 1942-1947£104166 India 4J% Stock or Loan 1950-1955......................£110110 India 4J% Loan 1958-1968..£112170 India £4% Stock 1948-1953£106117 India £310s.% Stock 1954-1959............................£10216 India £3% Stock 1949-1952£991642 It will be observed that all these loans are “dated ”stocks: the Indian Government 2J percent., 3 percent, and 3i percent. Irre­deemable Loans are not affected by the Order. The purpose of this new call-up is clear enough. It is to straighten out the rather heavy debtor-creditor relation now existing between the Home Government and India. It will not, like the American Vesting Orders, provide new money for purchasing supplies abroad. Indian Vesting Order T^HANKS to a big favourable trade balance, and to large general war expenditure, the Indian Government has accumulated large balances in this country. The Home Government wili handover to the Indian Government for cancellation the whole of the stock acquired under the present Order and the Indian Government will payoff the stock out of its ster­ling balances. The total nominal out­standing amount of the loans covered by the Order is about £90 millions, but part of this is owned *by the Indian Government and Indian residents, and part, presumably avery small part, by other people not resident either in the United Kingdom or India. Simul­taneously with the present Order, the Indian Government is calling up hold-1 ings of the same loans held by Indian residents which will be paid for in rupees. In the London market the proceeds will, of course, create anew demand for existing Trustee investments, and for the various war issues now “on YESTERDAY’S MOVEMENTS RISES Brit. Am. Tob. ..91/10*+1/10* Courtaulds ___ 31/6 +«*d. Distillers ............65/3+ 9d. Imp. Tob................96/3 +1/3 FALLS 103f War 3i% ..India 3 i %............95* G.W.R................... 34| Cable Ord............. 53i Guinness ............68/0 Utd. Dairies____43/9 -1/16= I -1/0— 9d. tap,” and the Government naturally desires that as much as possible of the proceeds should be invested in these latter, even though the pro­cedure will involve some sacrifice of income. English Electric j p RELIMIN AH Y figures of the results of the English Electric Company for the year to December last show only the net profits after taxation, the amount of £363,736 being again of £8,000 on the preceding year. As taxation was on a much larger scale than in the preceding year when £210.000 was provided, it can safely be assumed that the com­pany has experienced a substantial expansion in turnover, especially as at the last meeting the chairman said that engineering and manufacturing resources of the company were com­mitted to big obligations, and that the business in hand was sufficient to keep the undertaking active through­out the year. The dividend of 10 percent, is the same as for each of the three preceding years. Coupon for Free Seed Book Name ..Address...................................................... Id. stamp if enclosed in unsealed envelope T I BEES LTD., 175T, Mill Street, Liverpool K BUSH ROSES f fIn order to clear our large stock we will forward 15 Bush Roses for 6/- carriage paid. Best sorts, our Belection including Etoiie de Hollande, Duchess of Atholli Dai<y Mail, Caroline Testout, Los Angeles, Pres Hoover, Shot Silk! Betty Upricnard, Emma Wright, and all known varieties and colours. All Trees Labelled. STANDARD ROSES ,as above, 17/6 doz. 6 for 9/-. Satisfaction or money refunded .ROSE VIEW RUN SERIES (Dept C.), Bousley Hill. Ottershaw. Chertsey, Surrey. EVERY GARDENER GAN GROW ONE MORE FRUIT TREE TT is your National Duty to grow as much fruit as possible in 1941. Well-grown, healthy fruit trees on the correct fetocks will bear fruit next summer IF PLANTED NOW. Never plant anything but the best fruit trees, they are always the cheapest in the end, because they will repay all the trouble you expend on them. Lord Wolmer offers from his Nurseries in Hampshire a wide selection of the highest quality fruit trees. Grow more fruit, and please ORDER YOUR FRUIT TREES NOW. Apply for full descriptive Catalogue, ESTATE OFFICE, BLACKMOOR, LISS, HANTS -*DANIELS' Garden guide A most useful book of up-to-date practical garden hints and comprehensive teed lists, containing 68 pages and over 70 illustrations. W e send it to you gratis and post free. Send 2d. postcard to-diy to Dept.' DANIELS BROS. L D NORWICH Quy this Seed NOW lor your delight this year and receive FREE a 1/- Packet of our grand Novelty RAINBOW LOVELINESS FOR 2/6 ONLY we will send' u w rp irON IONS: Autumn sown 5/-100 Asp. Fern ex pots, 7/6 doz. Jenner, Rayleigh. 55 cloches illustrated to }cover 64ft. row,. 60/-:32ft. row, 35/- 16ft row, 20/- wTHAtS T O CATCH TNI SUU$tAMS/ CHASE CONTINUOUS CLOCHES have 29 years experience behind them. Rigid portable and almost everlasting. Write to-day for full list' CHASE PROTECTED C------ “Dept. R., CHER' AH enrria te rigid. 7. Write to-day for full list rED CULTIVAYlON LTD., CHERT8EV, SURREY ft id. Boxe* returnable. Fortify your Kidneys! 1LJARD AT WORK in the Battle Shops, workers make the common mistake of neglecting their aches and pains. 'Every Pic tu retells a S t o ry" J .and F. Stone L ig h ting and Rad io. —Pft £61,546, agst. £92.308 taxation £30,000 div. 5 p.c. £9,950 forwd. NEW ISSUES CITY O P SHE F FIELD 06.£310s. PERCENT. TRUSTEE SECURITIES. The Treasurer is prepared to accept loans of £100 and upwards tin multiples of £50) a<t £310s. 0d. percent, subject to six months’ notice after the expiration of seven tenor years. Mortgage Deeds prepared free of cost to investors. The Sheffield Citv Council has obtained the consent of the Treasury under the Defence (Finance} Regulations to the issue of these Mortgages. For particulars apply to GA.B. riffiths, F.S.A.A ,City Treasurer, No. 2. Town Hail, Sheffield. Under present conditions most people are easy victims to kidney complaints. Over­work and worry greatly in­crease the task of nature’s filters. If they become congested and slacken harmful impurities remain in the system and are carried by the bloodstream to all parts of the body, upsetting Backache, Urinary and Bladder Troubles, Lumbago, Rheumatic Pains, Getting up at Night, Renal Dropsy. Don’t wait to be laid upTake Doans brand Backache Kidney Pills This special kidney medicine gives sluggish kidneys the help they need, cleansing and stimulating them to renewed activity and health. You can rely upon Doans. They have helped thousands* Why not you? 1/53/55/8 (incl. tax )Ask your Che mist for* corntive Plant), HARDY COTTAGE// i CARNATIONS (the latest Novelty in j/w' Garden Carnations). PERPETUAL CARNATIONS (for Greenhouse or Gar­den) and ALLW OODII ALPINUS (the dwarf Hardy Plant for Rockeries, etc.). ALL FIVE FOR 2/8 ONLY, POST FREE, with Novelty Gift, for limited period. Full instructions for present or Spring sowing on each packet. Send for Special St.D unstan’s Sale and Food Production List. Post Free. The Largest Carnation Growers in the World Dapt. 55, HAYWARDS HEATH, SUSSEX y jr A's Nat i v r u i/TO GROW MORE FOOD This specially priced N.C. COLLECTION OF VEG E TABLE SEEDS suitable for a small gar­den, will provide a full year’s supply of Veget­ables for S«or 6 persons 6/6 Post Free Secure Our Catalogue at once before the stock is exhausted. ROSES. SHRUBS. I FRUIT W P IAN T CouponS fit r ¦fOMr‘% te lc pi/¦ VOIT Y W ITo Bees Ltd., 175 T, Mill-st., Liverpool, 1 Please send your Catalogue of Roses, [Shrubs, Plants, and Fruit Trees. Xnnie ...............................................................Address....................................................... 00*^' *94i Seed Book contains a host of useful hints on vegetable and flower growing. Write for post free copy to RYDER &SON (1920) .,Dept. 17, ALBANS. HERTS. SPECIAL COLLECTION BUSH FRUIT TREES 1 William, 1 Conference, and 1 ear. 1 Bramlev, 1 Cox’s Orange, and Fertility Pi _________... _ ___________ ___ 1 Laxton Superb Apple. I Victoria l’lum, 3 Red and 3 BlackCurrants. All fine trees to fruit 1941 lor the reduced price of -44 f£L Cash with order. Carr, Paid I Oil MAYHILL NURSERIES (Dept N.C.). London Road. West Mailing. Kent
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