News Chronicle February 8th 1941

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Owing to their special powder form they are QUICKER ACTING AND MORE CERTAIN IN RESULT8, properties which are of inestimable value to YOU. Beechoms Powders moreover are pleasant to take and their effect is such that people declare they "act like magic.” In the course of a few minutes you feel the difference. Sneezing Stops !The high tempera­ture is reduced! Get your supply of Beechams Powders immediately. pow d e rs] U K E MAGIC j How We Took Benghazi Continued from Page One almost no resistance, and yester­day afternoon the Australian troops ended the 450-mile drive of the Army of the Nile with the triumphant march through the streets of Benghazi. It now appears certain that, contrary to expectation, Graziani had no intention of making any stand at all in Cyrenaica. The resistance put up at Derna was not so much to allow the Italians to re-form somewhere in the hills as to permit them to get as much as possible out of Benghazi before our troops arrived. The capital itself, which lies on a spit of land with salt lakes each side, had no regular sys­tem of fortifications, only a few barbed wire defences on the landward edge. It is not known yet what we have caught in the bag. The best part of two divisions were known to have been there recently, but it is too soon yet to say how manv managed to getaway before the road was cut. A Country as Large as France Benghazi, with a port as good as Tobruk, capable of taking a 20,000-ton liner, is a modern capi­tal, with a peace-time population of 65,000, of which about 20,000 are Italian, Reports that the town is on fire are not confirmed, but it is highly probable that the Italians fired dumps and stores before leaving. With the capture of Benghazi our possession of Cyrenaica is complete. Except for a few pockcts outstanding here and there, which still remain to be cleared up. we are now incom­plete control of a country as large as France. Fertile lands and rich colonies, upon which Mussolini lavished millions of lire, are lost to him, and exactly 30 years after Italy proudly proclaimed the annexa­tion of Cyrenaica the British flag floats triumphantly over the Governor’s palace. The blow to Italy cannot be exaggerated. When the war began. Mussolini had 15 divisions in the field. Today, 10 of them have been captured or destroyed. About 110,000 men are in the prison camps of Egypt and India. The remaining five have lost half their equipment and armament to the British, who have taken nearly 300 tanks, more than 1,000 guns, and a thousand machine- guns and small arms. Graziani Faces Hopeless Situation A great natural barrier of desert stretches hundreds of miles westward of Benghazi to Tripoli. With the depleted and demoralised forces under his command it is impossible for Marshal Graziani to attempt another desert advance infinitely greater than the one into Egypt, which cost him so dear. We are 10 times safer in Cyrenaica than we were in Egypt, and the latest and decisive blow to Mussolini spells the complete and final col­lapse of all his hopes in North Africa. First news of the fall of Benghazi carte in a five-word communique from Cairo :“Ben­ghazi is in our hands,” it said. Then came the full com­munique, saying: “Libya :Benghazi surrendered yesterday. By brilliant opera­tions the British armoured forces moving south of the Jebel Akda established themsei rev astride the Italian lines ot com­munication leading southwards from Benghazi. “At the same time Australian troops, advancing from Derna. gave the retreating enemy forces no respite. Demoralised and outmanoeuvred, the enemy were nable to put into effect plans for the defence of Benghazi.’' The Italians have not yet dmitted the fall of Benghazi, but their communique yesterday Said :“In Cyrenaica. a violent battle is in progress between .Italian troops and enemy motor­ ised troops in the district south oi Benghazi.” Sir Robert Boothby Dies Sir Robert T. Boothby, father of Mr. Robert Boothby, M.P., died yesterday at his home in :Edinburgh, aged 69. References to Sir Robert occurred in the recent report of a Select Committee o£ the (Commons oh the conduct of his son. Mr. Robert Boothby. M.P. The report stated that Sir Robert became aware of certain debts incurred by his son and took steps to pay them off. An offer of eventual reimbursement out of a share of the Weininger funds was refused by Sir Robert. Phone Operators Win O.B.E. Medal Two Air Ministry telephone operators who remained at their partially protected posts when an R.A.F. station was dive-bombed by about 20 planes have been awarded the O.B.E. Medal (Civil Division). They are Christopher Bone (22), of Sydney Road, Gosport, and Francis McCullough (30), of Bramber Road. Gosport, both civilian operators Bulgarian Trains Cut Anew curtailment of Bulgarian railway services, including the lines towards the Rumanian, |Greek, Yugo-Slav and Turkish \frontiers, was announced in Sofia yesterday, says A.P. A 30 percent, decrease in the services was indicated. It was explained, semi­ officially, that these moves had been taken to permit the trans­portation of troops called up this week. Small Firms The fourth report from the Select Committee on national expenditure, issued as a White Paper yesterday, deals largely with the question of contracts, control of costs, profits and sub-contracting. Great importance is attached to the fullest use being made of the capacity of small firms, and the work ot the new area boards is welcomed. It is recommended that the question of credit facilities should receive further attention that all payments due should be sanc­tioned and made without delay, and that, where final payments cannot be made, payments on ac­count should be sanctioned as early as possible. The report states that one diffi­culty in the way of increasing the number of small firms em­ployed is the restriction of their capital resources. There are many small firms which have a potential manufac­turing capacity greater than their financial strength, and appro­priate arrangements to increase their credit facilities with the banks should be made Continued from Page One Weygand: We Keep Bizerta be standing infirm his negotia­tions with Laval and to be in­sisting on control of the Navy regardless of any other Cabinet changes. He is also said to be refusing to surrender ships or France's naval bases to anyone. In Vichy he is credited with the determination to order the Fleet to be scuttled if necessary. Information late last night was that there is now a possibility that Laval is willing to accept less than his maximum demands for the premiership, with the right to select ministers. Politi­cal circles think Laval and Darlan maybe vice-presidents of the Council. MORE RADIO ATTACKS German-controlled wireless stations in occupied France con­tinue violent attacks on the Vichy Government. All broadcast a speech by a member of the committee of the new anti-Petain party setup by the Nazis, culminating in praise lor Laval as “the only man who is able to t?ke in time a decision to collaborate with Germany ”The broadcast added :“Vichy is delaying this decision, which is necessary for establishing normal Franco-German relations and for the participation of France in the ‘New Order.’” Neu-s Chronicle Zurich Corre­spondent. Reuter, B.U.P and A.P. Vernon Bartlett: Page Three In Italian Somaliland our patrols are “enlarging the area of penetration.” The R.A.F. communique re­ported that the South African Air Force near Asmara shot down two Italian planes, three Ca 133? were destroyed on the ground at Bahrdar, and at Keren hits were made on railway and military buildings U.S. Sends Minister To Aid The Bombed The Rev. Edgar S.H. Chandler, of Central Congregational Church, Jamaica Plain. Mass., lias arrived in London to discuss with British church leaders how Americans can help British war victims and bombed churches- cieany to nave Decn cnosen as Ambassador.not only to the Gov­ernment, but to the people of Britain as a man who couid supply, in the relations between the two countries, something more than the conventional diplo­matic link, and perhaps some­thing rather different from it.” DEPARTURE DATE Behind this thought, which crops up in other discussions of the appointment, is the belief, now widely held in this country, that war is bringing about a change in what is sometimes called the “old school tie ”sys­tem in Britain. President Roosevelt disclosed today that Mr. Winant would probably leave for London in about ten days. which could be devoted to aid for Britain. The House inserted a second prohibition against the use of American ships to convoy goods to England, and defeated an amendment which would exclude aid to Russia. To a Gallup poll question :“Should Congress pass the Bill ?”54 percent, replied “Yes ”in New England and Middle At­lantic States, and 39 percent, in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michi­gan. “No ”answers were 21 and 35 percent, respectively others gave qualified answers, or were undecided.— Reuter B.U.P. and A.P W l fell O E CAUSE he got n o u eggs from his bird s,r. L. Knowing lr ic n d who saw the birds sug­gested thc-.v wanted toning ij*> and told him to give them Kans wood Poultry Spice This worked en­dow rs." writes M r L J F “Soon l was ave raging eggs a day M y wife Days thee g ts .and the mons y is allowed cato cum u late Vo 15s .when a National Savings C e rtific ate pis u r ­chased fo rn>\ small boy ."By giv­ing your bud* K a rs wood Poultry Spice t containing ground insects) daily in their mash, vcu ,too .can *>ct eggs r p len tv Prove this to your orofit. Sold >u Poultry K.«>d Dealers i)n a c k c ts t?’.d . 7 d .and l/3 SAVEd MONEY Buy the £lb tin 9yd or the big family I lb tin V6 NEWS CHRONICLE .Incorporating The D ail? News, The Daily Chronicle, Westminster Gazette and Morning Leader.— Printed by The Daily News Limited, and published by News Chronicle Limited, at Bouverie Str&et. Fleet Street. London. E C .4. Commercial Wharf, Lam beth. London. .E.l.andS Derby Street. C beelham .Manchester 8. England ‘My nerves are Steadier now I have a cup of Bournville Cocoa last thing at night’ —AND IT'S ONE FOOD THAT'S COSTING f*£Sf ¦ i .,Y ^HAT’S this? A food that’s down in price? Yes, madam, Bournville Cocoa costs you less than it did before the war. It has been reduced to jd .per quarter-pound. House­wives now find their old friend Bournville Cocoa to abe big new help in keeping the bills down. And don’t forget that it’s a natural food and it helps your nerves!
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