News Chronicle February 8th 1941

TO B R U K ) J V V 2 2 i [SOL LUV 1 DF< Ife (U\<> ILU I FEB. fa i? A l£R MOM E DINA* BtMllAZI to SICILY 450 MILES I imoMs^?ureJ M tsw re MERSAM ATRUH alBIff A'H fl toM tRSA MOTM “T* From BERTHA GASTER News Chronicle Correspondent CAIRO, Friday. I N A SEVEN-DAY WHIRLWIND CAMPAIGN, THE IMPERIAL ARMY OF THE NILE HAS SWEPT THROUGH THE 175-MILE STRETCH OF HILL AND DALE OF CENTRAL CYRENAICA, SHOT PAST VILLAGES AND SETTLEMENTS IN ENDLESS SUCCESSION, SMASHED ENEMY AERODROMES IN A SERIES OF DEVASTATING RAIDS, AND TAKEN BENGHAZI. Despite the broken morale of the Italians and the lack of any effective air opposition, the rapidity of the latest success is greater than any­one dreamed. It was expected that progress over the plateau, Where the country is eminently suitable for defensive fighting, would be slow and protracted. In fact, the rate of advance has been about as quick as troops could make it on ordinary line march n .without opposition.¦— It&llAH PriSOnGPS-n ° n Thursday night our planes were still bombing Benghazi and the neigh­ bouring aerodrome of Benina. Today both are in our hands, and the occupa­tion of one-third of Libya is complete. It is 60 days since the cam­paign against Sidi Barrani began. In that time we have advanced 440 miles from Mersa Matruh, over hitherto impreg­nable desert, captured three well-defended strongholds, taken more than 110,000 prisoners, and brought Mussolini’s North Afri- •BMSm.- can Empire crashing about his .if W U b T C i ears. For the Land“ I hope to get several thousand Italian prison­ers of war to work on the inland gangs,” Mr. R.H. Hudson, Minister of Agriculture, told fa/smers at Devizes. Churchill to Broadcast Tomci row Night The Prime Minister, it was an­nounced last ni^ht, will speak at 9 p.m. in the Home and Overseas Services. Weygand Says: We Keep Bizerta Here is part of the booty which fell into British hands fat Tobruk. Line after line of Italian mechanised transport Milch Warns Germany Danger hovers over everybody in Germany,” declared Field-Marshal Milch, Goering’s deputy, last night in a broadcast from all German stations. His talk contained nints that the Germans may expect more intensified raids by the Gen. weygand broadcast from Algiers yesterday a denial of reports that France would permit Germany to use Bizerta, base in Tunisia, with a view to eventual inaction Libya. The General also denied, according to the Havas Agency, that negotiations had taken place with a view to the cession of Bizerta or the landing of German troops at the port. Admiral Darlan. Vichy navy chief, is expected back in Vichy from Paris this morning. It is believed that his return will bethe signal for“ reorgan­ isation ”of the Petain Govern­ment. Many in Vichy expect col­lective resignation of the Cabinet. Admiral Darlan is understood by reliable circles in Vichy to Turn to Back Page, Col. Six Hitler Reported In Vichy From Our Own Correspondent New Yohk, Friday. —The '*Chicago Daily News ”Rome correspondent learns that Senor Serrano Suner. Soanish Foreign Invasion Ports Battered Again From Our Own Correspondent DOVER, Friday Night. One of the biggest attacks on the invasion ports In Northern France is now in progress. For sometime our bombers have been inaction over Calais and Boulogne. From the clifts of Dover, despite the fog, constant flashes can be seen lighting the sky like summer lightning. Star shells and streams of flaming onions are pouring into the sky. A fierce fire is reflected in the clouds. The reverberations of explod­ing bombs can be heard and felt along the Kent coast, where thousands are watching the scene. Thursday night’s raids on invasion bases :Page Six LATE HEWS Death Sentence On Brave Englishman ”Percy William Olaf de Wet, an Englishman whom the Germans described as a _ “brave and curious man," Hes been sen­tenced to death bv the People's Co--r ask for H aig 0*T A IN A B L t ALSO IM SM A U 112(1 No. THE WHIRLWIHD TRIUMPH OF BENGHAZI NEWS CHR ON 1C1..K ,Saturday ,February 8.1941. GOLDEN Opportunity for the FAIR-HAIRED Make your hair gleam and sparkle with sun shine .Banish that dull, dark look. Bethe envy of all your f t i r-h a dire friends. Srarr today to use HARLENE CAMOMILE GOLDEN HAIR WASH 13.31-&5 perl- bottle Irum all chemists. Prices subject _______________________ to purchase tax. 29,566 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8,1941 RADIO PAGE 3 *ONE PENNY Italians Caught on Two Sides by Brilliant Pincer Move
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