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Dedication Wall

Upload your ancestor's photograph, include a short dedication and then share with your friends and family, to increase your family tree.

Let those who come after see to it that these people be honoured and their hardships not forgotten

Henry Adams Roberts, 800878 :Private

Henry Adams Roberts

800878 :Private
Private Henry Adams Roberts served in the 28th Maori Battalion from New Zealand as a volunteer during 1943 in Greece and on the Island of Crete alongside his British Allies.He returned to New Zealand after the war, he passed away in 1996 aged 75

Submitted by: Glynn Welsh

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George Young McLaren, Private, 7th Battalion Black Watch

George Young McLaren

Private, 7th Battalion Black Watch
Joined 3/4 Battalion Black Watch in September 1915. Spent time at Ripon then transferred to France around late July 1916 and reassigned to the 7th Black Watch. Killed at the Battle of Ancre, 13th November 1916. Buried in Y-Ravine Cemetery.

Submitted by: Helen Kennedy

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Henry Burgess, 60161, 16th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Henry Burgess

60161, 16th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers
60161 16th Royal Welsh Fusiliers was killed on 31st July 1917, was the first day of what became known as the 3rd Battle of Ypres or Passchendaele. Remembered with Honour Artillery Wood Cemetery.

Submitted by: Paul Burgess

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James Mills, 998772 Corporal R.A.F.        (My Dad)

James Mills

998772 Corporal R.A.F. (My Dad)
Enlisted in Carlisle in 1940. From 1942 to 1945 he served time in the Western Desert as D.M.T. He was mentioned in Despatches and awarded the Africa Star and Gold Leaf. Sadley passed away 30th March 1991.

Submitted by: Lorraine Wilkinson

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Edward Riches, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Dragoon Guards, 4th/7th Battalion

Edward Riches

2nd Lieutenant, Royal Dragoon Guards, 4th/7th Battalion
Born 1926.Became a teacher.Very proudly served 1945-1947 as a Tank commander. Continued teaching in Lambeth, London until his retirement. Husband to Maisie (nee Durham). Wonderful father. Died 2017 aged 91. Greatly missed and forever loved.

Submitted by: Caroline Sidonio

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Robert lawson, Able Seaman, Royal Navy

Robert lawson

Able Seaman, Royal Navy
Killed 12 Jan 1918 when HMS Narborough together with HMS Opal ran aground South Ronaldsay, Orkney in a storm. Your descendants have not forgotten you.

Submitted by: Robert Jack

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James Dinwoodie, 12657 10th Loyal North Lancashire Sergeant

James Dinwoodie

12657 10th Loyal North Lancashire Sergeant
Joined the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in 1916 & later transferred to 9th East Surrey Regiment, service no. 28796. He was awarded a Military Medal for bravery in the field. Unfortunately his records were destroyed during WWII.

Submitted by: Anne Quirk

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Samuel Brierley, Private - Royal Munster Fusiliers - Formerly Kings Own Light Infantry

Samuel Brierley

Private - Royal Munster Fusiliers - Formerly Kings Own Light Infantry
Killed in action 10th July 1917 - it is with great pride that place this dedication to my Great Granddad Samuel Brierley. RIP

Submitted by: Linda Clennett

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Ernest Neale, Service No. 6846333

Ernest Neale

Service No. 6846333
Joined the Kings Royal Rifle Corps as a Riflman and contined with the Royal Engineers as a Sapper. Active in the Middle East campain from 1941 to 1945 serving 7 years and 197 daysn receiving the AFRICA STAR with the 8th Army Clasp. The man on horse!

Submitted by: Maxine Neale

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Charles Church, Leading Telegraphist, RNVR

Charles Church

Leading Telegraphist, RNVR
Served in WW1, gave up teaching to fight for his country but sadly lost his life in September 1918.

Submitted by: Steve Chittock

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Arthur Bonney, 7482 Lancashire Fusiliers.

Arthur Bonney

7482 Lancashire Fusiliers.
100 Years ago you suffered and died. in ways we can never imagine. A Debt that can never be repaid. we give Thanks. on behalf of all you descendants. R.I.P. Your G/Grandsons Brendan & Timothy

Submitted by: E Hill

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John Christopher Byrne, Corporal 56th Recce

John Christopher Byrne

Corporal 56th Recce
Joined the South Lancs in 1936 and fought with them at Dunkirk Transferred to 56th Recce in Jan 1941and fought with them in Tunisia,Scicily and Italy He was wounded Boxing Day 1943 He was lucky enough to come home

Submitted by: Dave Byrne

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arthur  noel richards, able seaman

arthur noel richards

able seaman
for my dad who served in the royal navy on hms wessex from 1943 too 1946 he had radiation effects at hiroshima while patroling radioactive areas which many years later affected his health and he passed away inturnal organs aged too 100

Submitted by: Lloyd Richards

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Ken Ayres, Sergeant

Ken Ayres

Served in the British army 1951-1964. Dorset Regiment. REME, Command Workshop, Vehicle Battalion, Army Apprentice College Chepstow, Training Battalion, Kings African Rifles. Posted to Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaya and Kenya.

Submitted by: Julie Wigmore

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William Collie, Gordon Highlander

William Collie

Gordon Highlander
my grandfather saved 8 men under heavy shell fire and died of wounds on 24.8.1916 at Rouen in France. He was at the battle of YPRES in Flanders. He was from Aberdeen in Scotland. William left a widow and 2/3 children.

Submitted by: Helen Booth

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Sydney Fountaine, Pte Sydney James  Fountaine S/N 1950 9th Battalion AIF KIA 23 July 1916

Sydney Fountaine

Pte Sydney James Fountaine S/N 1950 9th Battalion AIF KIA 23 July 1916
You did not come home for Christmas, You did not come home at all You lie in an unmarked grave at Pozieres We will think of you Lest We Forget

Submitted by: Elaine Fountaine

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Leonard Arthur Rose, Private, Sherwood Foresters

Leonard Arthur Rose

Private, Sherwood Foresters
My Great Uncle who died on the battle field, 24/3/1943 . Never forgotten.

Submitted by: Samantha Rose

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Ernest William Rose, Private, RMP, Dorsetshire Rgmt

Ernest William Rose

Private, RMP, Dorsetshire Rgmt
My Grandpy (bottom row, 2nd left), he never spoke of the war, incl his time in Burma, so I never really knew what he went through. Without fail every year he attended the local memorial for Remembrance Day remembering those served. Never forgotten.

Submitted by: Samantha Rose

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Jonathan Cecil (Nat) Davies, Gunner, Royal Artillery

Jonathan Cecil (Nat) Davies

Gunner, Royal Artillery
My Great Uncle (bottom row of the photo with the hat on) died in battle, 2/12/1944, and is commemorated both at Groesbeek and Capel Y Bryn. Never forgotten.

Submitted by: Samantha Rose

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Herbert James Holdway, Driver, Royal Horse Artillery

Herbert James Holdway

Driver, Royal Horse Artillery
Unfortunately I didn't know my Grandfather but he gained a Military Medal for saving a horse on the battle field, what a kind man. Never forgotten.

Submitted by: Samantha Rose

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