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Our genealogy collections list includes over 30 completely exclusive collections, painstakingly transcribed from original sources by our team of UK based data transcribers to help you uncover the gems from your ancestors past.

Our team is currently adding information at a rate of around 250,000 new records each month. As well as our own digitisation projects, we also license collections from a variety of sources.

Please note that we are constantly cross referencing and adding new data, and we will almost certainly hold more collections than are listed below as we update the site.

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Collection Source/Information Exclusive to us
2nd Afghan War 1878-80 Casualty Roll WO69   Exclusive to us
Cambridge University war list 1914-18 The war list of the University of Cambridge 1914-1918 dated [...]   Exclusive to us
Downside during the War Book produced by Downside school 1943   Exclusive to us
Home Guard Auxiliary Units 1939-1945 The records consist of information hand transcribed by [...]   Exclusive to us
Home Guard Officer Lists 1939-45 Home Guard list (various) 1941 Savannah. The London [...]   Exclusive to us
Imperial Prisoners of war held in Italy 1943 These details have been transcribed in the UK by Forces War [...]   Exclusive to us More Info
Imperial Prisoners of war held in Japan Transcribed from the National Archive reference WO392/23-26   Exclusive to us
List of Etonians who served in the World War 1914-1919 and 1939-1945 Books of the same name published in 1922 and 1947 [...]   Exclusive to us
List of Old Cheltonians and Masters who Have Served in the War book of the same name, published by Cheltenham College in [...]   Exclusive to us
List of those who were killed, wounded or missing, whilst serving in the 29th Divisional Artillery   Exclusive to us
Military Hospitals Admissions and Discharge Registers WW1 Transcribed from the National Archive reference MH106   Exclusive to us
Prudential Assurance Roll of Honour 1914-18   Exclusive to us
Royal Artillery 1877-81 TNA WO69   Exclusive to us
Royal Naval College - Dartmouth   Exclusive to us More Info
Seedies Merchant Navy Awards Seedies Merchant Navy Awards 1939 - 1945   Exclusive to us
Territorial Force Nursing Service Medal Rolls The orignal documents can be found at the Army Medical [...]   Exclusive to us
The India General Service Medal (1854) roll 1854 - India General Svc Medal - Clasp PEGU - ADM171/17 - [...]   Exclusive to us
The Kaffir Wars Medal Roll WO100/xxx (where xxx is the individual regiment reference) [...]   Exclusive to us
The Seventeeth Highland Light Infantry 1914 Transcribed from "The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry" [...]   Exclusive to us
The South Africa Medal (1877) Roll The rolls are numerous and difficult to catalogue hence [...]   Exclusive to us
The Union Bank of Scotland Ltd. Roll of honour 1914-1918   Exclusive to us
UK Army List 1916 Transcribed from the original army list   Exclusive to us
Wiltshire Home Guard - Warminster Battalions Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre Reference 2099/2   Exclusive to us
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