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In the aftermath of World War One the country felt a colossal debt of gratitude to those who had served in the armed forces. The nation’s universities felt this particularly strongly for many reasons, such as the age of many of those killed or the mortality rate of junior officers. These institutions often commissioned rolls of honour to pay their respects to their pupils.

Edinburgh University has recorded all those students and young graduates who served in the Forces with many receiving commissions after graduating from the Officers’ Training Corps. A large proportion of the graduates of the university served as medical officers.

The books and lists that these records come from are a great source of information for anyone searching for their ancestors during World War One. By finding your military ancestor in the Forces War Records Collections you can honour and remember their sacrifice today.

One original source can be found in our Historic documents library.

Period covered: 1914-1918

Records in this collection are likely to include the following:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Unit
  • Rank
  • University
  • Educated
  • Studied
  • Qualifications

Please be aware that due to the way we collate, and cross reference our databases, some records will contain more information than that listed above.

Original Source: These records are stored in books, local libraries and archives throughout the UK.

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