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The India General Service Medal (1908-35) was approved on 1st January 1909. It was a campaign medal awarded to officers and men of the British and Indian armies for service in military operations in, and around, India between 1908 and 1935. The medal was not however, awarded for service during the Great War. It was also awarded to officers and men of the Royal Air Force from 1919, with the Waziristan 1925 clasp awarded solely to the RAF.

The medals were struck in both the British Royal Mint and the Calcutta Mint in India. The main difference between the two is the claw design, which holds the medal to the ribbon, with the Royal Mint design being a little more ornate. Medals from both mints were awarded to the British and Indian Army with the location of the recipient at the time of issue being the deciding factor as to which they received.

Permission was given to recipients of a Mention in Despatches during any of the campaigns for which this medal was awarded after 11th August, 1920, to wear a bronze oak leaf emblem on the ribbon.

This medal was also the last medal awarded in the reign of King Edward VII. Only one bar was awarded during his reign.

A total of 12 different clasps were issued and the medal was never awarded without at least one clasp, they include:

  • North West Frontier 1908 - This bar was awarded for service in the Mohmand Field Force, Bazaar Valley Field Force, and for service at Landi Kotal and North of Adinazai

  • Abor 1911-12 - This was the first bar awarded with the second issue of the IGSM. Except for their British officers, this bar was only awarded to Indian Troops.

  • Afghanistan, North West Frontier 1919 - This bar was awarded for service in the Third Afghan War

  • Malabar 1921-22 - This bar was awarded under Army Order 50 of 1924 to all those who took part in the suppression of the Moplah Rebellion in Malabar.

  • Mohmand 1933 - This bar was awarded to those of the Mohmand Column under the Command of Brigadier C.J.E. Auchinleck D.S.O, O.B.E. 

  • Mashud 1919-20 - This bar was sanctioned by Army Order No.361 of 1921 to all who served under Major-General A. Skeen and all those who served under the G.O.C. Waziristan Force on the Takki Zam Line.

  • Waziritstan Clasp 1925 - The bar was awarded for service under Wing-Commander R.C. Pink C.B., against the Waziris.

The very rare 1925 Waziritstan clasp was awarded to only a small number of officers and men of the RAF, 261 in total, who took part in Pink’s War. Pink’s War was the first air action of the RAF carried out entirely without the assistance of any ground forces. It was an air to ground strafing campaign, carried out and won by Wing Commander Richard Charles Montagu Pink, against the Mahsud tribesmen in South Waziristan between March 9th and May 1st 1925. It remains the only campaign named after an RAF officer.

The name and details of the recipient were engraved in script on the North West Frontier 1908 and Abor 1911-12 medals and impressed in capitals on all medals thereafter.

Period covered: 1908-35

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Original Source: These records are kept in the National Archives under reference WO100, General Service Medal.

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