Chaplain General Records - Marriage, Baptism and Confirmation ledgers WWII onwards

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These records are drawn from the registers of the Army Chaplains Department, who had the responsibility for performing all the usual Christian rites of passage that their civilian counterparts would perform in an ordinary parish.

This collection contains the registers for the Banns of Marriage, Weddings, Baptisms and Confirmations taken from a wide range of Army Garrisons. The information varies greatly between the different types of register. These records are unusual within Forces War Records as their focus is not the military information but instead a few personal details; such as the name of their spouse, their address or other family details.

Much of the information within this collection is particularly rare as they cannot be found anywhere else. Furthermore, given how often the men were posted around the country and some of the records come from far flung garrisons. 

Fields can include: Surname, First name, Rank, Primary Unit, Secondary Unit, Tertiary Unit, Service, Name of Spouse, Parish of Spouse, Dates of Marriage Banns being read, Age, Date of Baptism, Duty Location, but will vary dependant on the type of record held.



Records in this collection are likely to include the following:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Rank
  • Primary Unit
  • Secondary Unit
  • Tertiary Unit
  • Service
  • Name of Spouse
  • Parish of Spouse
  • Dates of Marriage Banns being read
  • Age
  • Date of Baptism
  • Duty Location

Please be aware that due to the way we collate, and cross reference our databases, some records will contain more information than that listed above.

Original Source: National Archives reference WO 156 & AIR 82 SERIES.

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