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This was a series of conflicts between the Boers, British and the Xhosa (referred to as Kaffirs in the 19th century). The Xhosa Wars, also known as the Cape Frontier Wars, were a series of nine wars between the Xhosa people and European settlers, from 1779 to 1879, in what is now the Eastern Cape in South Africa. They are also known as "Africa's 100 Years War", with the different conflicts seen as a series of flare-ups in one long war of attrition - the longest in the history of colonialism in Africa. The wars saw the beginning of the use of firearms by the Xhosa armies. However they nonetheless saw the Xhosa lose most of their land, and their incorporation into the British Empire. While the wars are mostly seen as being a simple two-sided conflict between European and Xhosa, the reality with its shifting alliances was both fluid and complex. On the European side, relations between the British Empire and the Cape Colony's local settler government were sometimes strained and even broke down on occasion. On the Xhosa side, several groups that are now classed as being Xhosa, such as the Fengu nation, actually fought on the side of the Cape Colony.

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Original Source: National Archives reference WO100/xxx (where xxx is the individual regiment reference)

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