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The contributions of Wales to the British Army have been many and memorable. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the sheer number of Welsh Regiments which have existed throughout the history of the British Army.

Whilst the Royal Welsh have only existed for a little over a decade, it draws its lineage and pedigree from several great regiments which have distinguished themselves across the globe. From the Royal Regiment of Wales serving in Belfast, to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers who have earned battle honours ranging from the Blenheim to Sevastopol and Mons to Burma.  Other regiments include the Welsh Regiment who also saw action across the whole of both world wars, or the South Wales Borderers who are probably most famed for their actions at Rorkes' Drift - immortalised in the film ‘Zulu’.

Special mention must also be made of the many reserve units that have been drawn from Wales –most notably the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers, who are remarkable because of their two Royals - and being the only remaining Militia unit of the British Army., Also significant are the Pembrokeshire Yeomanry who are the only regiment who can claim to have a battle honour on the UK mainland - namely Fishguard where in 1797 they repelled Britain's most recent invasion.

These records can be found within the Forces War Record’s collections. They will include soldiers from collections as varied as the ‘Military Hospitals Admissions and Discharge Registers WWI’ or the ‘WWII Daily reports of people reported missing, dead, wounded or as a prisoner of war’. Of particular note is our exclusive collection of the enlistment records of the ‘Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers’ or the newly added ‘Roll of men who served in the Welsh Guards during WWI’

Records in this collection are likely to include the following:

Please be aware that due to the way we collate, and cross reference our databases, some records will contain more information than that listed above.

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