Women Drivers of the Great War

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Women Drivers of the Great War

57,000 Women heard the call to help out in late 1917 and joined up with the WAAC to do a number of roles to free up men for the fighting front lines.

Women were employed as cooks, mechanics, typists and various other non-combat roles at home & abroad in the theatres of war of France, Flanders, Greece & Italy. 

A roll of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) Motor Drivers who served in the Great War from 1918.

Dated from January -March 1918 it covers Women Drivers from the newly formed WAAC and soon to be QMAAC service (Queen Mary's  Auxiliary Army Corps) from April 1918, both were disbanded in 1919.

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Original Source: Transcribed from the National Archive reference WO 162/62 series.

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