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In the whole of the Second World War, only two men succeeded as operational fighter pilots in the RAF after losing both legs. Douglas Bader was one, and his story is well-known indeed, he has been described as one of the Royal Air Forces most famous pilots. The other was Colin Hodgkinson. READ MORE HERE:
In 1934 the Ministry of War called for a single-seater eight-gun fighter, capable of exceeding speeds of 275mph. R.J. Mitchell’s design for the Supermarine Type 300 Prototype K5054 was accepted by the Air Ministry in January 1935, in 1936 the Spitfire was born
Everyone knows about the Battle of Britain, and how ‘the Few’ saved the country from invasion. What they don’t necessarily remember is that every one of the fighter pilots mentioned in Churchill’s ‘the Few’ speech had a team of dedicated ground crew, RADAR operators, WAAFs and many more behind him
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