Marking Remembrance Day and the Poppy Appeal during the pandemic

Throughout Great Britain, traditional Remembrance Day parades and events to remember fallen heroes have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Government restrictions on the size of gatherings.

Many branches of the Royal British Legion have confirmed the 2020 events and wreath-laying ceremonies which have become a focal point for many people for many years, will not go ahead as planned. Please check your local area for further details.

However, members of the public will instead be encouraged to follow National Remembrance events on television or online as well as the traditional act of buying a poppy.

Melksham Rembrance Sunday 2019

The Poppy Appeal Needs You

Due to the increase in infections, many Poppy Appeal Organisers will not be able to send volunteers out into the street with collection tins. But Armed forces veterans and their families who rely on the British Legion still desperately need our support.

The Sun Newspaper, backed by celebrities such as Captain Tom Moore to David Beckham are campaigning hard for the Poppy Appeal as their income is at real risk due to the reduced footfall and poppy sales.

Whilst there will be poppies available in many supermarkets - Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, and Aldi - they want to make sure that you are also able to participate in this year’s Poppy Appeal from your own home.

The Poppy Appeal have developed an A4 poster of the iconic Remembrance Poppy that you can download, print and display at home, perhaps in your front window.

Download a full-colour poster or one that you (or someone you know) can enjoy colouring in:

If you can please make a donation to the appeal, there is no minimum donation value, please donate what you can to help support the most vulnerable in the Armed Forces community.

Show your support, join in the campaign today.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “While the circumstances in which this year’s Poppy Appeal takes place are unlike anything we have seen before, the need for it is greater than ever.”

“Without you, more than ever before, we cannot provide the life-changing support that our Armed Forces community needs and deserves. Your Poppy Appeal needs you.”

“just as those famous flowers burst forth from the mud and devastation of Flanders fields a century ago, so let us ensure that even in this most difficult of autumns our nation is ablaze with red and green as we wear our poppies with pride.”

Forces War Records Dedication Wall of Remembrance.

Don't forget to post (and share) a lasting commemoration to your ancestors, or loved one's on our Dedication Wall today. It's completely free to use, plus you can search for other relatives too!

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload a photograph HERE (image of your ancestor, or suitable image of Remembrance)
  • Write a short dedication
  • Share via social pages
  • Search the site for relevant records


Remembrance Day, the Cenotaph, the Unknown Warrior and why we wear a poppy

The first Remembrance Day was conducted in 1919 throughout the Commonwealth and Britain. Learn more about this event HERE along with the history of the Cenotaph, the Unknown Warrior and why we wear a poppy.

Lest We Forget - Forces War Records
Lest We Forget - Forces War Records

Sources: Royal British Legion / The Sun

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