Clap for VE Day campaign started by WWII Veteran

Clap for VE Day campaign started by WWII Veteran

99-year old, RAF, D-Day veteran Stanley Northeast, was looking forward to seeing his fellow veterans - some for the last time - for the 75th anniversary Victory In Europe Day (VE-Day) celebrations of the end of the Second World War in Europe.

The 75th anniversary was to be commemorated on the 8th May with events across the UK, though due to recent Government guidelines regarding social distancing, an increasing number of events and activities are being cancelled or postponed.

Just as we thank our heroes today in the NHS and all our keyworkers for the selfless commitment to defeat COVID-19 Stanley wants the nation to 'Clap for Victory' at 7.45pm Friday May 8th to thank and remember our heroes of WWII for their selfless courage to defeat the enemy.

His son Mike has set up a Facebook page, Clap 4 VE 75, with the goal of making the campaign go viral on social media.

Mike said the idea came when Stanley told him 'I’m as scared today as I was landing on the beach on D-Day' and was sad he may not see his fellow comrades again.

"This really upset me and got me thinking how we could give these veterans the proper respect and recognition they deserve for the selfless bravery they showed and the sacrifices they made to give us the freedom and peace in Europe we all now take for granted," Mike said.

"They were our heroes back then as our NHS and key-workers are today."

Mike said parents could turn it into a fun project for the family and hold their own indoor street party, making bunting, flags and drawing pictures to decorate the house, play music from the time and even make cakes and treats from the period using the ingredients available through rationing.

To get involved, join the Facebook group CLAP 4 VE 75

To get involved, join the Facebook group CLAP 4 VE 75
To get involved, join the Facebook group CLAP 4 VE 75


Do you have any WWII heroes in your family? Maybe you are researching them and your family's military history - search the Forces war records site and fill in the missing pieces...

Sources: Clap 4 VE Day 75 / Shoreham Herald

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