Weeping Window sculpture reaches the Imperial War Museum London

A giant poppy display commemorating the First World War, which has been seen by millions, has arrived at the final stop of its four-year nationwide tour.

The ‘Weeping Window’ sculpture by Paul Cummins (Artist) and Tom Piper (Designer) depicts poppies streaming out of an upper window of London’s Imperial War Museum.

The poppies – 888,246 of them, one for every British and Colonial serviceman killed between 1914 and 1918, were first seen in 2014 displayed around the Tower of London. Since 2015, the installations, Wave and Weeping Window, have visited locations across the UK, from Orkney to Plymouth and from Belfast to Southend, attracting more than four million visitors.

Poppy Wave display at Plymouth
Poppy Wave display at Plymouth

The installation is part of the UK-wide tour organised by 14-18 NOW, which is a five year programme of arts experiences connecting people with the First World War.

The display can be viewed from Friday 5th October until November 18th

Speaking outside the museum on Thursday, the sculpture’s designer Tom Piper said: “For me it is very fitting it ends up here at the Imperial War Museum, which is here to examine war and the cost of war.

In no way do I see it as a glorification of war, it is a tribute to the spirit of those men.”

Visitors to IWM London can also see Poppies: Reflections, an exhibition designed by Tom Piper of photographs by Ellie Kurttz and Gideon Mendel, charting the four-year poppies tour.

Imperial War Museum, London tells the stories of those whose lives have been shaped by war through the depth, breadth and impact of their Galleries, displays and events. Visitors can explore the First World War Galleries and iconic Atrium which were transformed in 2014 to mark the start of the First World War Centenary commemorations. Visitors can also explore the other galleries and visit IWM’s temporary exhibitions.

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