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#CountdownToPeace99 - The final days of World War One


One hundred years ago, the allied troops were about to launch their great offensive that would finally see the First World War come to an end.

In remembrance of the final offensive, we are providing FREE access to our ORBATs troop movements interactive and audio maps on Forces War Records, with a special feature showing the last 100 days movements and countdown to peace in one place.

The ‘Hundred Days Offensive’ was the final period of World War One, during which the Allies launched a series of offensives against the Central Powers on the Western Front from 8th August to 11th November 1918, beginning with the Battle of Amiens. The offensive essentially pushed the Germans out of France, forcing them to retreat beyond the Hindenburg Line, and was followed by an armistice. The term "Hundred Days Offensive" does not refer to a specific battle or unified strategy, but rather the rapid series of Allied victories starting with the Battle of Amiens.

Simply click [HERE] to view this special feature now.

Discover more about your military ancestor by tracking the movements of his unit. See his journey unfold step by step, as you listen to a description of what happened at each location.

Because battles took place simultaneously, (in many cases across the whole 400 miles of the Western Front) just occasionally you will notice the dates skip backwards to re-cover the same time period as the previous battle map - this is so you don't miss any of the battles details.

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