Plans for a giant sculpture of a Lancaster bomber to be built

An impression of how the structure could look. (Image: Bomber County Gateway Trust)
An impression of how the structure could look. (Image: Bomber County Gateway Trust)

A giant sculpture of a Lancaster Bomber on a similar scale to the Angel of the North could be placed on the A46.

A trust is planning to build a replica of a Lancaster on top of a 32ft (10m) structure, to give the impression of it flying as motorists enter Lincolnshire.

Plans have been submitted to North Kesteven District Council.  

Requests for donations are still active, with the Bomber County Gateway Trust hoping to raise between £100,000 and £200,000 in order to bring their vision to life.

The Trust want to place it on land close to Hill Holt Wood which is on the other side of Thurlby Top Wood, where a Lancaster Bomber crashed during the Second World War.

Lincolnshire is known as "bomber county" due to the number of military airfields it had during World War Two. And April 1 marks the centenary of the RAF.

A Facebook post shared by the group on January 15 stated they were ready to submit plans, and displayed two proposed designs.

The post reads: “The first is a skeletal support structure which can be temporarily clad with poppies each November. The other option is a slimmer, concealed support pedestal which is more 'climb-proof' but potentially more expensive to engineer and produce.”

A spokesman from North Kesteven District Council said: “The information required to validate the application was received during the afternoon of February 23.

“The council will now proceed with publicising the application providing the opportunity for comment.

“We anticipate that the consultation period for the application will run through most of March. During the period we cannot make any determination on the application.

“We will advise the applicant that their application is valid and, should the need arise during our assessment of their proposal, seek further information from them.”

The Bomber Sculpture Project comes following the official opening of the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln, the UK’s tallest war memorial dedicated to those involved with Bomber Command during the Second World War.

It’s opening ceremony is due to take place on April 12. – READ MORE HERE.

Source - Lincolnshirelive

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