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We know that building your family tree can be a tricky process, with dead ends and unanswered questions, and it's easy to hit a brick wall.

Jump onto our completely free forum British Genealogy today - the ultimate genealogy forum, it's completely free to use, and the help you'll get from our members and moderators will help you blast through those brick walls for you in no time at all!


British Genealogy forum


The Brit-Gen forum has almost 68,000+ members and regularly sees 250,000 visitors a month.

As well as having topics on Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Boer War, WWI, WWII they also discuss general genealogy, Births Deaths and Marriages, Court Records and so much more.

Don't get stuck - speak to the genealogy specialists today, they'll help you find even more ancestors.

Please come and introduce yourself on the forum and we look forward to helping you with your research and questions.


This is what some of our users/Admin have to say about the forum:


User: Landkyis

I recently started a thread on why I continue to love this forum -Take a look here

Several people told us when they joined and what results they have had - I have so far connected with 41 cousins in Australia and about 30 in USA and that's just from one great grandmother.

This is also the reason I remain as a moderator. I simply have to give back in whatever way I can for the kindness of the members of this forum.

User: Sue MacKay - Super Moderator

Joined Oct 2004

Posts – Over 6,400+

I joined British-Genealogy one month after it was set up in 2004. In the early years I was probably typical of the majority of users, in that I posted a few queries but did not contribute much to threads which did not involve my family. I certainly didn’t visit the forum every day, but the wonderful thing about BG is that you don’t have to – if anyone answers your query or contributes to a thread you have posted on, even years after the event, you will be notified by e-mail to revisit the forum, so you never miss out. This is one reason why BG doesn’t delete threads even when answers to the original query have been given, as threads will show up on search engines and often key information will come to light much later on.

When I retired I began to visit the forums daily, and as I had exhausted all known avenues in my own research I started to help out other members where I could, and found that knocking down a brick wall for someone else was almost as satisfying. The more I helped others, the more my name became known on the forums, and if ever I did ask for help I found that members would be even quicker to come to my assistance. I had been searching for my great grandfather for years in the 1851 census, and thought I had tried every conceivable spelling of his name, but a member found him for me, hideously mis-transcribed, within half an hour of my asking!

In 2007 I was asked to be a moderator of the forum, and this has given me a lot of satisfaction, but apart from one horrendous weekend when I and my fellow moderators battled non-stop to fend off hordes of would-be hackers (and banned them all!) it has not been too onerous a task, as the overwhelming majority of BG members are polite, grateful and helpful. Most of our work involves moving posts to more suitable places and editing occasional posts – usually when information about a living person has been posted, which is against BG rules. However, I think our members feel safer in knowing that the forum IS moderated and that there will be no flame wars.

Many members have found new cousins via BG, and I am no exception. My great grandmother had an older brother who ran away to sea and ended up in New Zealand. I was contacted by a member in New Zealand who read one of my postings and thought we were related, and so it proved. When I visited New Zealand last year I was able to meet up with three new cousins. Sadly, we talked so much over dinner that we forgot to take a photograph!


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