Saving a D-Day Hero.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy has launched the campaign to raise funds to help complete the restoration of the last surviving WWII, D-Day tank landing craft LCT 7074.

She will be displayed alongside the museum’s affiliate, the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019.

Allied landing-craft off Normandy
Allied landing-craft of Normandy

The scheme has received a first round grant of £4.7m from the National Lottery however much funding is now required to unlock the funds and secure enough money to carry out the full restoration of the 183ft (57m) vessel.

Head of Exhibitions and Collections at The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Nick Hewitt said: “At dawn, on the morning of D-Day, 6 June 1944, 800 landing craft approached the Normandy landing beaches.

What ensued was the largest seaborne invasion in history and it was landing craft, including LCT 7074, which delivered tanks, troops and essential equipment to the beaches.

“LCT 7074 is the last of these vital workhorses known to have actually participated in the D-Day landings.

“This makes her totally unique and a key piece in history. She will add considerably to the story of D-Day.”

After a very interesting post-war career involving conversion into a floating clubhouse and nightclub, the LCT was lying in private hands, semi-derelict and sunk at her moorings at East Float Dock, Birkenhead, until in 2014 she was successfully salvaged and moved to Portsmouth by The National Museum of the Royal Navy.

The campaign aims to raise £25,000. Every pound you are able to donate helps to not only conserve LCT 7074, but remember the brave men who fought on the beaches at D-Day in 1944 and help tell their story.

LCT 7074 is one of the last surviving WWII landing craft and is a lasting legacy to Britain's courageous Royal Navy personnel who fought in the Second World War. By supporting this campaign you are literally helping to save her for the nation. LCT 7074 helps to tell the story of our war effort and the challenges faced by the Royal Navy at D-Day.

Support the campaign here – JustGiving LCT 7074


Do you have any D-Day heroes in your family?

Maybe you are researching them and your family's military history – search the Forces War Records WO417 WWII Daily reports (missing, dead, wounded & POWs) collection, which can be found HERE

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