Wondering if your own ancestor’s hospital record may be included in our “Military Hospitals Admissions & Discharge Registers WW1” collection

Available to search now, these rare records are archive gems for those researching their family history. Search this collection to uncover stories of the battle to keep servicemen and women fighting fit in the First World War.



Apart from documenting the men’s names, service and medical details and movements, whether returned to the Front, sent back to Blighty, or ending in death, they also shed light on a grisly line-up of the top 20 most common injuries and ailments suffered by the men, from expected conditions such as trench foot and mustard gas poisoning, through to more surprising ones.


Top 10 medical conditions

1.            Pyrexia (fever) of unknown origin (PUO) (8.73%)

2.            Inflammation of connective tissue (ICT) (7.9%)

3.            Trench foot (6.75%)

4.            Influenza (6.6%)

5.            Scabies (6.1%)

6.            Shrapnel (4.85%)

7.            Gunshot wound (4.7%)

8.            Mustard and chlorine gas poisoning (3.98%)

9.            Diarrhoea (2.98%)

10.          Rheumatism (2.55%)

The next 10

1.            Shell shock (2.33%)

2.            Gonorrhoea (2.19%)

3.            Lung infection (2.13%)

4.            Syphilis (1.97%)

5.            Fractured femur (1.87%)

6.            Urinary tract infection (1.83%)

7.            Lice (but mostly not recorded as most men had them) (1.75%)

8.            Other sexually transmitted disease (1.57%)

9.            Gangrene (1.32%)

10.          Wasp sting(s) (1.06%)


Let your military ancestral journey begin….. SEARCH THE COLLECTION HERE


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