NEW SERIES - Who Do You Think You Are? Thursday 13th July BBC One 9pm

Who Do You Think You Are? - Craig Revel Horwood
Who Do You Think You Are? - Craig Revel Horwood

In tonight’s celebrity genealogy BBC series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ we explore the family tree, facts and heritage of Strictly Come Dancing Judge Craig Revel Horwood.

The Australian-born Strictly judge reveals his softer side. Heading to his home town of Ballarat in Australia, Craig investigates what happened to his great-great-great-grandfather who risked everything in the Australian Gold Rush and collected 250 ounces of gold worth approximately £250,000 in today's prices.

A visit to his beloved 100-year-old grandmother sends Craig in pursuit of another maverick ancestor. Craig's great-great-grandfather Harry Macklin Shaw turns out to have been the life of the party and, better still, a fabulous clog dancer. Also to his delight, Craig also discovers that he has British roots. "It explains why I've always felt so comfortable in this country, choosing to spend my life here since 1989 and taking dual nationality in 2011. My heritage is here, and it feels life-changing to know all that."

Craig Revel Horwood's Who Do You Think You Are? Episode airs on Thursday 13th July on BBC One at 9pm.


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