Book of the Month - ‘All Quiet on the Home Front’

Here is the latest 'book of the month' from Pen and Sword.

‘All Quiet on the Home Front’ - An Oral History of Life in Britain During The First World War

Author: Richard van Emden, Steve Humphries (ISBN: 9781473891944)


  • Paints a vivid image of the home front: the starvation; the suffering; and the sacrifice
  • A unique account of the home front from unheard sources
  • Told from the testimonies of the last generation to remember the Great War
  • Tells the story of the emotional strength necessary to survive during the war back at home; the resilience of children, fathers, mothers and lovers
  • Uses first-hand accounts of extraordinary survivors to capture the essence of the home front and to commemorate the many lives that were lost


The truth about the sacrifice and suffering on the home front during World War I is rarely discussed. In this book, some of the oldest men and women in the country speak about experiences and events that have remained buried for 85 years. Their testimony shows the same candour and courage we have become accustomed to hearing from veterans of the western front. Those interviewed include a survivor of a Zeppelin raid on Hull in 1915, a Welsh munitions worker recruited as a girl, and a woman rescued from a bombed school after five days. There are also accounts of rural famine, bereavement and the effects on families back home, and even the story of a woman who planned to kill her family to save them further suffering.

Author Details:

RICHARD VAN EMDEN has interviewed more than 270 veterans of the Great War and has written seventeen books on the subject including The Trench and The Last Fighting Tommy, both of which were top ten sellers. He has also worked on more than a dozen television programmes on the Great War, including the award-winning Roses of No Man's Land, Britain's Boy Soldiers, A Poem for Harry, War Horse: the Real Story, Teenage Tommies with Fergal Keane and most recently, Hidden Histories: WWI's Forgotten Photographs. He lives in London. Graduated from Newcastle University in 1988, and obtained an MA from Reading University in the following year. After working as a journalist he became a freelance writer and researcher. Having worked on several historically-based television series, he wrote his first book, Tickled to Death to Go which he has followed up with several highly acclaimed and commercially successful titles, including Britain's Last Tommies, Boy Soldiers, , The Quick and the Dead, Meeting the Enemy and Tommy's Ark.

STEVE HUMPHRIES began his career as a university lecturer before setting up Bristol based Testimony Films in 1992. A highly respected and influential producer and writer, his oral-history series have included A Labour of Love, Forbidden Britain, Veterans, Green and Pleasant Land and The Call of the Sea, all of which he has written books to accompany. He is also Vice-President of the Oral History Society. Steve produced and directed the television programme Horror on the Home Front.


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