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Pen and Sword Books are giving a special discount code for the book title  'In Good Company' (Hardback) - The First World War Letters and Diaries of The Hon William Fraser Gordon, Highlanders

 In Good Company by The Hon William Fraser
  • This book is a reprint of the original book first published in 1990 as part of a small print run and has the full backing of David Frasers widow, Lady Fraser.
  • A remarkable collection of letters from a man who saw action in most of the major First World War battles.
  • Detailed descriptions of Frasers efforts at Ypres, Cambrai and Arras make for compelling reading.
  • Author was involved in the war for the full four years and describes events from beginning to end.
In Good Company is a graphic account by the Hon. William Fraser, Gordon Highlanders, of his service in the First World War. Several times wounded, he went to Flanders in 1914 with the 2nd Battalion and commanded successively a platoon, a company, a Territorial battalion and a Regular battalion, ending the war as a lieutenant-colonel of twenty-eight, having survived the battles of First, Second and Third Ypres, Arras, Cambrai and the final triumphs of 1918.

Fraser's letters and diaries from the front, which compose this absorbing book, were edited by his son, General Sir David Fraser, soldier, biographer, historian, novelist. They provide a vivid, often highly critical and virtually unbroken account of those extraordinary days, seen through the eyes of a young Highland office. In Good Company gives a remarkable insight into some of the most terrible and challenging years of the Army's life.
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