Merchant Navy Day - 3rd Sept 2016

The UK Merchant Navy’s official flag will be flown on the 3rd of September on public buildings and landmark flagstaffs across Great Britain, with towns, cities, parishes and local authorities also taking part to pay tribute to the men of the Merchant Navy. Members of the public are asked to show their support for the seafarers by proudly flying the Red Ensign, as publicly as you can, for all to see.

Such was the sacrifice of the Merchant Service during World War One that King George V decreed in 1928 that they should be known as the ‘Merchant Navy’ By the end of the Second World War with more than 4,700 British ships had been sunk and more than 35,000 Merchant Seamen had lost their lives. Merchant Navy Day on the 3rd of September will honour the brave men and women who kept Great Britain going during both World Wars. By raising the Red Ensign, or ‘Red Duster’, you will ensure the day and the service of these brave seafarers will be remembered. FIND OUT MORE HERE

If your ancestor served in the Merchant Navy and you need some genealogy assistance please read our article within our August 2015, issue 5 'Genealogical Bootcamp - A Close look at finding your Merchant Navy ancestor'

Do you have any war heroes in your family?  Tell us about your ancestors and their experiences of war and let us communicate their story.


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