BBC History Magazine’s History Weekends are back this autumn for the fourth year running. This year’s weekends see a tremendous line-up featuring some of the world’s largest historians and authors staged in magnificent venues across two historical cities.

From Friday 7 – Sunday 9 October the weekend will be making its debut at Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex steeped in Anglo-Saxon and medieval history. The weekend will be hosted in the stunning 13th-century Great Hall, which houses a famous replica of King Arthur’s round table, and the nearby Ashburton hall.

Then from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 November the weekend will return to York for the second year running. After the success of the 2015 event the weekend has been expanded and the 20 talks will be split across the newly renovated Yorkshire Museum and the beautiful 14th-century Hospitium.

You will find a wide range of high calibre topics specifically handpicked by the BBC History Magazine team themselves.  These cover everything from the First and Second World Wars to the Ancient Worlds, Anglo-Saxons to the Tudors so there is sure to be something to interest everyone. In Winchester, Alexander Watson will be recounting the events of the First World War from the perspective of Germany and Austria-Hungary, Anthony Beevor will be discussing the significant of Hitler’s last great offensive at Ardennes in 1944 and Michael Scott will be focussing his talk around three key moments in which politics, warfare and religion helped forge a connected ancient world to name a few. In York Marc Morris will be evaluating the Norman Conquest and Why it mattered, Andrew Lownie discussing Stalin’s Englishman: The Lives of Guy Burgess and Juliet Barker separates myth from reality to discover the real Charlotte Brontë. There is truly something for everyone.

The magazine have been speaking to a few of the historians who will be attending the weekend to understand what they are excited about discussing. Jonathan Dimbleby can’t wait to share his account of the battle of the Atlantic and his reasons that had the allies not prevailed, the artery to Britain would have been severed, with incalculable consequences for Britain and the outcome of the war. From Anna Keay’s talk you can expect lots of glamour and grit! Political history made personal and human and for those of you interested in the Tudors Tracy Borman will be taking you behind closed doors to discover the Tudor’s as they really were – it won’t be a pretty sight! You can read all of the fascinating speaker interviews to get a taste for the weekends by visiting today.

With both of the weekends you will also be able to enjoy a fully- stocked Waterstones book shop and the opportunity to meet all of the speakers after each talk and have your book signed. In Winchester, you can also join Tom Holland, Alex Von Tunzelmann, Roger Moorhouse and Nigel Jones at the Historical Debate on Saturday night. Here, attendees will enjoy watching the four historians debate whether or not Britain has become too fixated on the world wars and their place in history.

Forces War Records readers have been offered an EXCLUSIVE ticket offer of 20% off tickets to the debate making ticket prices as low as £4 (for magazine subscribers and £6 for non subscribers); all you need to do is enter the discount code FWR20 at the checkout.

Tickets are on sale now and selling out fast, purchasing details and the full line-up for both Weekends can be found at or by calling 0871 620 4021. Subscribers to BBC History Magazine can take advantage of a reduced rate for all ticket options and if you are interested in becoming one, please visit for the latest subscription offer.

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