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Forces War Records Blog


For the Who Do You Think You Are Live Show this year Forces War Records are partnering with Lytham St Anne’s Spitfire Ground Display Team to bring you a really special experience. Combined with the first flight of the Spitfire prototype 80 years ago on 5th March, we’ve been going Spitfire crazy here and we have one more offering.

Flying For Freedom are a military charity partnering up with our sister website Forces Reunited. The charity aims to demonstrate what is possible for a severely disabled person to achieve and inspire veterans still in rehabilitation. They do this through microlight pilot training. Microlights are open cockpit “weight shift” aircraft and are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fly. Training provides air experience at its most basic level; Pilots are close to nature and exposed to the elements, making for an exhilarating and adrenaline filled adventure something they most often miss when forced to end their service careers.

The charity embarks on a round the UK flight every year, invaluable experience for the pilots but also an opportunity to plan an operation, tackle problems and spark that spirit of adventure. This year, the team are planning something special, something that even able-bodied pilots have not attempted… The SOUTH POLE!

Eight wounded and injured servicemen from Flying For Freedom will fly from McMurdo Station, up the Great Ice Road and then on to Union Glacier. The expedition is designed to bring to the attention of Britain and British Business the urgent need to build self-sustaining activities that get our veterans back into work and daily life. The full details of the trip can be found on the Flying For Freedom website.

This amazing charity is offering you the chance to fly with them for 40 minutes on a training experience flight. If you simply want to get your feet off the ground and have the pleasure of seeing stunning Cotswold views that is fine but whether you have a short ‘taster’ flight or an extended training flight, you can officially count the time as the first contribution to training for your own flying licence!

All you have to do to win this prize is answer one simple question on the Who Do You Think You Are Live website.

Follow the link, read the instructions and enter your answer, all submissions must be made by midnight on 25th March 2016.

We wish the very best of luck!

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