Name our puppy!

On the 6th of January the puppy that our sister site Forces Reunited sponsored for military charity Veterans With Dogs was born, a beautiful, vulnerable ball of golden fluff, with a bright future ahead. So, like doting parents, the first thing we did was to flash the pictures Veterans With Dogs sent us of our boy a Labrador, to every person who strayed anywhere near our desks (not to mention all of our friends and relatives)! But now it is time to give him a name, and this is where we want YOUR help.

This is how it will work; we want you to submit your name suggestions in a reply or comment to the news stories on Facebook or here on our blog (don’t forget, you’ll be in competition with our sister site Forces Reunited).

The deadline for name submissions is 3rd February, at which point we will select the best 3 for a final vote, but more on that in a couple of weeks.

I hope this next part isn’t necessary, but we will not accept any names with offensive, sexist or racist language. This pup will be going to work as an assistance dog for an Armed Forces ex-serviceman or woman in need, a responsible role which necessitates an appropriate name. Also, we are aware that you might wish to christen him in tribute to the late, great David Bowie; we’ll have to veto that, as there is only one Bowie, we feel it would be a hard name for the little tyke to live up to!

Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your submissions.

As promised, puppy pictures:


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