Hitler's Black Book - Would You Have Been Arrested?

A series of Yes or No questions to establish whether you would be arrested by the Gestapo, upon the surrender and occupation of the United Kingdom.

Hitlers Black Book Of The Reichs Most Wanted Organisations

  1. Have you worked for the British Ministry of Information?
  2. Have you worked for the British Ministry of Defence?
  3. Have you worked for the British Home Office?
  4. Do you own or operate a National or Local Newspaper?
  5. Are you a prominent scientist in your field of study?
  6. Do you own or operate any British Heavy Industry or Manufacturing companies?
  7. Are you a member of a Government in Exile from either Czechoslovakia, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark or Norway?
  8. Are you a former officer in HM Armed Forces?
  9. Do you hold office in HM Government?
  10. Have you criticised the Nazi Party or the Fuhrer, vocally or in writing?
  11. Are you a conscientious objector or pacifist?
  12. Have you ever worked for the British Intelligence Services?
  13. Have you fled Germany since the rise of the Nazi Government in 1933?
    1. Including political, military and intelligence service defectors
  14. Are you involved with a socialist political group?
  15. Are you a Freemason?
  16. Are you of the Jewish faith or have Jewish ancestors?
  17. Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?
  18. Are you homosexual?
  19. Are you of Slavic Origin?
    1. This includes most nationalities and ethnic groups of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, North-Asia and Central-Asia.
  20. Are you of the Romani Ethnic group?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you were highly likely to be wanted by the Gestapo.

Questions 1-11 would likely see you arrested, questioned for information and coerced into supporting the military government.

Questions 12 and 13 would be the same as above, with the added threat of execution, depending on the ‘severity’ of the infraction.

Questions 14-20, would see you shipped off to an extermination camp with the other undesirables of the Nazi’s desired society.

Thankfully, the Gestapo never got the chance to instigate this list, thanks to the heroic efforts of the RAF. To see who would have been targeted by the Gestapo immediately after a successful invasion of Great Britain, take a look at Hitler's Black Book - The Most Wanted List, newly translated from the German version, transcribed exclusively and completely free to view on the Forces War Records site.

Hitler’s Black Book Translated Into English What Would Have Happened If The Nazi’s Won The Battle of Britan

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