Meet Sean And Tom Bennington Our Military Experts


In the black-and-white photograph from your attic, a young man solemnly poses in his crisp new military uniform, frozen in an attitude of pride forever. Maybe he survived the war, maybe he didn’t, but could this faded record of a son, father or brother, who was once living and breathing, unlock the secrets of his war service?

A clear picture can provide nuggets of information that you never dreamed were there in plain sight. Perhaps a cap-badge is visible, confirming what regiment your ancestor was part of, or the markings on his shoulder or chest tell what rank he held. Maybe those odd-looking trousers are actually jodhpurs and the cane he appears to be brandishing is a whip, or the style of uniform clearly reveals in what year it was issued. Often it takes somebody extremely knowledgeable in military genealogy to spot such hints, and that is where Sean and Tom Bennington come in.

Both brothers took their Military History degrees at the University of Wolverhampton, and both now work for Forces War Records. A passion for the military is in their blood, since their family boasts a long line of various kinds of servicemen and women. A great uncle who died on Dunkirk beach; grandparents who acted as ground crew for the R.A.F.; a pilot uncle who flew Nimrods, and a father who works for the Ministry of Defence. It’s no wonder that the boys were fascinated by all things military growing up!

They have put in the time to become experts in their field, and now you can benefit from their expertise. Getting help with photo identification couldn’t be simpler. Fully Subscribed Members can simply click on the ‘Photo Expert Help’ button on our main page, upload any photograph, type in their question and await an answer. To get help from Sean, Tom or somebody equally qualified, visit now. 

Tom (left) and Sean (right) Bennington, Forces War Records Photo Experts
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