King Albert’s Book - A book of tributes, published by the Telegraph 100 years ago this Christmas.

This Christmas one hundred years ago the Telegraph published ‘King Albert’s Book’ a compendium of tributes in honour of Belgium’s courage during the Great War.  It brought together Princes, statesmen, authors, religious leaders, VIP’s and many other dignitaries.  Money raised from its sales went to The Daily Telegraph Belgium Fund; and the book remains as a snapshot of the passions aroused by Germany’s invasion of 1914.


It has been the privilege of little nations at different periods in the history of the world to render some signal service to civilisation. That duty Belgium has now been called upon to render to European civilisation, and nobly has she answered the call.

It is her heroism that has forced Prussian Junkerdom, its character, and its designs, into the light of day. As long as it intrigued against France, Russia, or Britain, it might have continued to take cover under some plausible, diplomatic pretext ; but to assail Belgium it had to come into the open, where its arrogance, its brutality, and its aggressiveness became manifest to the world. It was Belgian valour that exposed the sinister character of Prussian militarism, and when that menace is finally overthrown the most honourable share in the triumph will be due to Belgian sacrifice.

This unfortunate country is now overwhelmed by the barbarian flood ; but when the sanguinary deluge subsides Belgium will emerge a great and a glorious land which every lover of liberty will honour, and every tyrant henceforth shun.



 You can view or download the publication 'King Albert's Book' from our Forces War Records Archives here:



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