FORCES WAR RECORDS IN THE PRESS - Churchill / Kitchener Letter.

27th August, 1914, an incredible exchange between Churchill and Kitchener takes place…

This correspondence proves that, in the early days of the Great War, Britain hadn’t yet managed to increase its ammunition production to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, and that the leaders of the army and navy did not always see eye to eye!

Churchill / Kitchener Letter

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 26/08/14 Churchill rejected Lord Kitchener's WW1 ammunition plea, letter, uncovered by FWR, reveals                                  

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26/08/14 Your country needs your ammunition! WW1 letter from Kitchener to Churchill reveals plea for Navy's rounds from Army chief... and the “no, no, no, no” response

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26/08/14 Rare letter reveals tension between Winston Churchill and Lord Kitchener after 100 years
27/08/14 The Today Programme’s Justin Webb interviewed FWR’s Phil Cooper about Churchill’s response to Kitchener’s request for more ammunition. 
27/08/14 The South East News team came into the FWR office to film researcher Tom Bennington talking about Churchill and Lord Kitchener. 
27/08/14 The British Forces Broadcasting Service TV news team filmed an interview with MD Tim Hayhoe about Lord Kitchener and Churchill. 

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  Read the story covered by the Forces War Records team.

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