As the WWI Centenary rapidly approaches, here’s our roundup of the latest news coverage.

August 4th 2014, the 100th Anniversary of the declaration of war in 1914, is rapidly approaching. The press has been delving into every aspect of the conflict to help build up a picture of the war years in Britain and overseas, and although the media played a key role in keeping up the morale of a nation, there was a darker side to the news coverage of the time. Read all about it!

The Dickin Medal, created in 1943 to honour heroism in animals, was celebrated in this year’s ‘Great British Menu’ on BBC Two, with a sumptuous chocolate dessert being prepared in the shape of that unique award. However, far more animals were pressed into service in World War One than in World War Two. Read about their bravery, and also about some of the horrible ways in which animals have been misused as tools of war over the years, here.

Some criticised the new First World War Galleries at the recently re-opened, refurbished Imperial War Museum, stating that the international war effort was not given proportional recognition compared with the exploits of the British soldiers. Click here to learn more about the ‘Worldwide War’.

One person who has been especially remembered by ITV is the man that fired the very first British shot of the war. This is a dubious honour to be given, indeed, but somebody was always going to have to start things off; here’s who did.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror has remembered the youngest soldier to die in the Great War, aged just 14. We have John Condon’s memorial register in our archives.

Finally, the Royal British Legion yesterday launched its ‘Every Man Remembered’ campaign, the drive to collect a small tribute for every British soldier who fought in World War One. Whatever one’s feelings about the global conflict, those who gave their all for the common cause surely deserve our thanks and recognition.






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