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Forces War Records Blog


The public have been invited to register at for their chance to be chosen as one of 1,000 people who will attend the first event in Scotland’s 5-year World War One commemoration schedule, absolutely free!

Designed to remember the many thousands of Scots who fell in the Great War, the day of events will start with a parade, then the service itself in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. This part of the programme will last from 10.05-11.00, and the multi-faith service will be attended by 9,000 people in total, with representative of veterans’ associations and charities, the armed forces, religious groups and government officials joining ticket holders. It is being deliberately kept short to mirror the sort of service the men would have attended in the war itself, where the altar would have been created from piled-up drums and the men would have been poised to leap up if suddenly needed to fend off an attack.

Next there will be a procession down the Royal Mile, led by veteran Marshals, with thousands of civilians following military bands in just the same way as new recruits would have when marching off to war.

The final scheduled event, before an hour of quiet reflection, will be a Memorial in Holyrood Park by a specially constructed replica Commonwealth graveyard. This time, the aim will be to recreate the atmosphere experienced by the men awaiting a call to action. Members of the public will be able to leave poppies and other tokens as a mark of respect.

Tickets will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a maximum of 10 tickets allowed per applicant, so you’ll need to act quickly if you’d like to go. Visit now to register.


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