WWI Centenary Events.

To mark the centenary of the First World War Britain’s busiest tourist attraction the Tower of London will be turned into a £15million sea of red.

It is to be surrounded by nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies from 5th August 2014 to 11th November - Armistice Day. It is to signify the sacrifice of troops from Britain and its Commonwealth countries between 1914-1921.

Once the display is finished the plan is to sell the poppies online at £25 each to raise funds for military charities for veterans and the wounded.

The idea was unveiled by the former Chief of the General Staff the Lord Dannatt, who is now the Constable of the Tower.  He wanted the display to involve 888,246 poppies, one for every fatality of the British and Commonwealth during the Great War.  The poppies will be planted in the 16 acres of the Towers moat and many will be installed in displays rising over the entrance or cascading from the Towers bastion.

Lord Dannatt said: "I hope this will be the iconic image of this summer. The poppies will completely fill the moat of the Tower of London all the way round.

"It will represent every British and colonial fatality between 1914 and 1921 as recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

"Imagine the green around the Tower as completely red."

The Tower of London is one of Britain’s most busy and popular attractions for tourist drawing 2.85 million visitors an year.  The poppies are being made by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and his team based near Derby County’s football stadium.

Sources: Express.

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