Join us at 'Who Do You Think You Are Live'

Anyone interested in genealogy will no doubt be counting down to the 20th February, for that’s when the doors will open for this year’s biggest family history event, ‘Who Do You Think You Are Live’.

With all the major genealogy companies and local family history societies all under on roof, the event will provide more than 150 free workshops and services.

Join us at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014

Based on the famous BBC1 TV series, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the show will have a celebrity set with Colin Jackson, Natasha Kaplinsky and Larry Lamb...

The stars will talk through their genealogical experiences behind the scenes and about the in-depth research that went into discovering their roots, which is not always easily portrayed in the TV programme.

Of course the special focus for this year’s show will be the World War One Centenary, and the 2014 show’s Military History Area, located in the upstairs gallery, will be much bigger than in previous years. This section is sure to be a hive of activity and that’s where you’ll find us and we hope to see you there…

Designed to appeal to the novice and the experienced researcher, companies and societies at the event will help visitors find out more about their ancestors by analysing historical documents, photos, family heirlooms, and providing interactive workshops, DNA analysis and much more.

At the Forces War Records stand, expect to chat to experts and learn how to use the site to make the most out of your genealogy research. We are constantly searching for rare lists, nominal roles and updating our records and our UK-based transcription team works with data from a variety of sources to unlock as much information as possible for anyone researching their family history.

Bring your ancestor’s old photos, military memorabilia and medals to the stand at 'Who Do You Think You Are Live' and our team will endeavour to tell you more about them, which could answer some pressing questions or even help send you off in a new direction in your family research.

Forces War Records offer the services of an experienced researcher who could do a lot of the hard work for you — if you've hit a brick wall with your research, or haven't got the patience — this could be an option to consider. For other people the challenge and the journey is exactly what makes genealogy fun, because you never really know where your family research is going to take you.

Forces War Records has over five million records, a vast historic documents library and a bank of war diaries available to read for free. If you’re thinking of starting or continuing your genealogy quest, or even if you’re just interested in history – then the site is a good place to get into the habit of visiting. If you’re looking to add more colour to your research then have a look through our historic document library and you’ll find plenty of interesting finds including war diaries, that are available to read for free. Looking at your ancestors in the framework of such rich British military history makes genealogy much more than just dates and places – it’s about people, heroes, bravery, lives saved and lives lost. It’s about your history — it’s about you!

The ‘Who Do You Think You Are Live’ event will be held from Thursday 20th – Saturday 22 February, at the Olympia Centre in West Kensington, London. For more information visit: ‘Who Do You Think You Are Live’.

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