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They say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, and in some respects that is true, and especially so when it comes to examining old photographs… Forces War Records are pleased to announce that they can now offer a 'photo recognition' service, which could help you learn more about the military individuals in your family.

From a clear picture with the subject’s uniform shown, the experts at Forces War Records will use their expert military genealogy knowledge to help you find out what sort of role your family member most likely played in the military. You could suddenly solve what regiment your ancestor served with, what certain rank slides mean or perhaps what sort of aircraft or military vehicle they were using in the photograph. This could really give you some great insight into your family’s genealogy. There could be clues that you’ve not recognised or were even aware of unless you were extremely knowledgeable about military genealogy. It could give you that little golden nugget of information that could go on to unlock lots of other doors on your family tree. Visit the site, click on the Photo Expert Help button on the home page and upload your photograph there and we'll get back to you with all the information we can. get the experts at Forces War records take a look at your photographs to help you understand more about your military ancestors, and subsequently your past… Another useful feature on the site is the option to import your existing family tree at the click of a button with your GEDCOM genealogy software files. GEDCOM files contain genealogical information about individuals that can be linked together, imported and exported. Use this new family tree feature and take advantage of the company’s extensive record collection – let Forces War Records help you fill in the missing pieces to your genealogy research. Forces War Records is the definitive online guide to military ancestry searches and sister site to Forces Reunited, the leading British military community on the web. We are also continuously adding new records (around 200,000 records a month), which could mean brand new information for you – so it’s always worth visiting the site and searching our records and new features and products regularly.
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