Have you seen the 'Free' War Diaries at Forces War Records.

One of the latest additions to the Historic Library and War Diaries archive is 'Walts War'

Read the true life and emotional story of Walter Vowels in his words as he describes his service in WWII.

Walter joined as Territorial Soldier in the Machine Guns Corps, though was later transferred into the 9th Armoured Brigade fighting in the Battle of El Alamein. He was later captured and became a POW in Stalag 4B.

Read his story for 'FREE' here: https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/Library/Document/2002/Walts-War-Wwii-Life-And-Times-In-The-Machine-Gun-Corp-9th-Armoured-Brigade?searchCategory=War+Diary&searchPage=4&filterPagesOnSearchQuery=False&filterPagesOnSearchQueryExact=True

There’s nothing quite like reading a personal account of war as history unfolds itself through the eyes of somebody who was actually there. Forces War Records are fortunate to receive such amazing real life war stories involving lashings of courage, and now you can read some of them – completely free of charge.

Why not log on to Forces War Records and search our vast collection of records to find out more about your own ancestors  – there could be a war hero in your family just waiting to be discovered and remembered…

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