Tonight: Who Do You Think You Are?

Blogger: GemSen Anybody who has even a slight bit of interest in genealogy, history or people will be sat down watching ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, tonight at 9pm. Football fans may also be looking forward to this latest episode too, because this week it is Match of the Day host and sports personality, Gary Lineker’s turn to find out about his ancestry. Lineker actually has little background on his family history and has only two pictures to treasure, after a flood apparently destroyed the rest of the family archive. In the programme, the ex-footballer is joined by a professional genealogist who has mapped out his ancestry helping him research two of his forbears on his grandmother’s side. After discovering that his great-great-great-grandfather, James Pratt, was once an inept poacher imprisoned for stealing chickens, Lineker visits Leicester Prison to see where his ancestor was jailed during the 1800s. As with most of the ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ shows, the story turns out to be a very poignant one as experts dig deeper and reveal that the illiterate James Pratt was living through hardship and apparently stole to keep his family of eight children alive. “Most of us would do anything for our children to keep them well, to keep them fed. He had no choice. He must have been desperate. You can understand that,” Lineker, a father of four, apparently told The Sunday People, when asked about his ancestor and the show. On the flip side, there was more of a positive story that unfolded with the other relative – Lineker’s great-great-great-grandfather was an intelligent and complex man and was the son of an illiterate gardener, who worked hard to better himself to eventually become a highly skilled legal clerk. Lineker joins a long list of stars who have been involved in the latest series of the popular programme, including Nigel Havers, singer Marianne Faithfull, actresses Una Stubbs, Minnie Driver and Lesley Sharp, and EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra, among others. The interesting revelations continue to keep audiences as enthralled as the celebrities trace their family trees to discover the events and interesting people of their past. In case you didn’t know the show is on BBC 1 tonight, at 9pm. Who do you think you are Have you ever researched your family history? As a nation we are becoming increasingly interested in genealogy and watching celebrities reveal characters, stories and events of their personal family history intrigues us. Genealogy is a truly fascinating subject because it involves people, it helps us discover more about ourselves and why we are the way we are. It’s an unknown journey, a challenge at times, and an interesting quest with plenty of hurdles, dead ends, and surprises along the way. Your family research could take you down various paths and you could reveal something you never expected— which is exactly what makes it so exciting. Mix the events of war and history to this recipe and you’ve got some fascinating information at your fingertips. Making all this information readily available and easy to search is Forces War records greatest aim. The military genealogy site is constantly adding information to its database and has over five million records, a vast historic documents library and a bank of war diaries available to read for free. If you’re thinking of starting or continuing your genealogy quest, or even if you’re just interested in history – then Forces War records would be a good place to get into the habit of visiting… You can now also record your findings and import your family tree at the click of a button on Forces War Records with your GEDCOM genealogy software files. GEDCOM files contain genealogical information about individuals that can be linked together, imported and exported. Use this new family tree feature and take advantage of the company’s extensive record collection. Source: Daily Mail and Radio Times
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