War and Peace Revival 2013 Staff Day out.

As well as all being very keen on military genealogy the staffs of Forces War Records also have a strong interest in military history, politics, planes, tanks and life during these hard times of global conflict of WWI and WWII. So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the ‘War and Peace Revival 2013, RAF Westenhanger, Folkestone Racecourse, the brand new venue for the brand new War and Peace event. This show is one of the biggest in Europe and has approx. 3,500 tanks, artillery, armoured and amphibious vehicles, cars, Jeeps, bicycles and motorbikes, emergency, commercial vehicles, full-sized replica Spitfire, Hurricane and Me 109 to name a few. The show also offers you the chance to see what life was like for your military ancestor with military and vintage civilian re-enactors, living history, battle re-enactments and arena events and scenes providing a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from WW1 to the present day, seeing the British living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, British Troops relaxing with their equipment after battle. The incredible action-packed battle re-enactments are not just a group of people running around playing soldiers but a full-scale choreographed battle to give you a taste of the action at the Front line. If you get the chance I would recommend this event to anyone as it’s truly a great family day out for all. Here is a small collection of pictures from the day, some being the highlight of being able to enter a Lancaster Bomber nose section from a real WWII relic.

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